20 Google Apps activities for classroom innovation

10 great obscure Google tricks for school, life

Google Apps for Education has made new ideas and activities possible in classrooms all over the world.  They’ve allowed for creation and collaboration in ways that weren’t possible in the past. One of the best parts about the entire Google Apps suite is that teachers and students can use these versatile tools to create their […]

12 ways to use Google Classroom’s newest features

Google has released some great new features for Classroom. But what can we do with them? Here are some ideas. (Sketch by Matt Miller)

In fall of 2014, Google released Classroom to anxiously awaiting teachers. In a year’s time, those teachers put Classroom to work, with students turning in more than 70 million assignments. Google released a handful of useful updates to Classroom recently and some others in the last few months that let teachers and students do even […]

How learning is like a one-legged zero-turn-radius lawnmower

I met my match this weekend -- a one-legged zero-turn-radius mower. Learning how it worked helped me remember how hard learning can be for my students. (Photo by Melanie Miller)

I’m always fascinated by learning something new. I love the challenge, but I might love analyzing the process of learning even more. This weekend, I met my match — a one-legged, zero-turn-radius lawnmower. Let me explain. On Saturday, after watching two of my three kids play soccer, my wife and I went to an estate […]

10 ways to hook kids on learning from teachers of the year

Great teachers with great ideas can inspire other teachers to be great. These three teachers of the year have wonderful lessons for any educator on engaging students in the classroom. (Flickr / U.S. Department of Agriculture)

It’s said that surrounding yourself with great people will help you become a greater person. As an educator who’s always trying to improve, when a teacher of the year speaks, I listen. They’re usually brimming with enthusiasm, wisdom and great practical ideas. As the co-host of the “HookED” radio show on the BAM Radio Network, […]

11 ways to bring out your students’ super powers

Helping students find their strengths -- their "super powers" -- can change them forever. Use some of these strategies to see big changes! (Photo via Nili Bartley / Take It to the Classroom)

Want to stop bullying, improve the classroom and school climate and improve achievement all at the same time? Help your students become superheroes. Using the SuperYou FUNdation curriculum, teachers are helping students empower themselves and become the best versions of themselves. They’re seeing children transform into better people as well as better students. You can […]

5 digital sources of thought-provoking art for classrooms

Art can make students think and help them expand their imagination. Sources of artwork online are abundant and easily accessible for teachers. (Flickr / Phillip Capper)

Today’s guest post is written by Alisa Gross. She has been the editor of two education blogs, The C4E College Teaching and Learning Blog, and the Acclaim Blog. She holds advanced degrees in the History of Art from the Courtauld Institute, London, and Johns Hopkins University. Alisa has also worked as a math and writing […]

8 lessons ANY educator can learn from the science classroom

Curiosity. Planning. Learning through failure. The science classroom teaches lessons that any student -- or teacher! -- can learn from. (Flickr / woodleywonderworks)

Today’s guest post is written by Matt Johnson, a third grade teacher at Boiling Springs Elementary School in Boiling Springs, S.C. Follow him on Twitter at @MattJohnson10 and at his website, MrScienceDude.com. Louis Arthur Berman once said “A good teacher is a master of simplification and an enemy of simplism.” Science teachers have the responsibility […]

9 brand new education podcasts for summer learning

Looking for ways to draw students in and make learning excited? Check out "HookED" or any of these nine new shows. (Screenshot from BAM Radio Network)

Finding that special something to capture the attention of your learners can be the difference between a ho-hum, easily forgettable day and an energetic learning experience. (That goes for children, adolescents AND adults!) I’ve found lots of great educators who are wizards at engaging learners at schools and conferences I’ve visited as well as online […]

10 useful tools for assessment with tech

Technology gives students lots of options for demonstrating their learning via assessments. Here are 10 tools to empower them. (Flickr / Brad Flickinger)

We’re down to the final days of the school year at my school, and many students and teachers have turned their thoughts to assessment. Final exams. Final projects. End-of-course assessments. Quick review sessions. Plenty of options exist to gauge student understanding by using tech tools. The assessment process can be engaging for students and more […]