How to teach essay writing: 10 tools for educators

Essay writing doesn't have to be bland. These 10 tools to help students write essays can give assignments an added kick. (Flickr / woodleywonderworks)

Today’s post is written by Robert Morris, an online tutor and freelance writer from NYC. Follow him on Google+! As an educator, you have a great responsibility to teach your students how to write essays. This can be difficult since many of them are indifferent towards the topics you present. Many teachers assign projects without explaining how the students […]

9 brand new education podcasts for summer learning

Looking for ways to draw students in and make learning excited? Check out "HookED" or any of these nine new shows. (Screenshot from BAM Radio Network)

Finding that special something to capture the attention of your learners can be the difference between a ho-hum, easily forgettable day and an energetic learning experience. (That goes for children, adolescents AND adults!) I’ve found lots of great educators who are wizards at engaging learners at schools and conferences I’ve visited as well as online […]

10 useful tools for assessment with tech

Technology gives students lots of options for demonstrating their learning via assessments. Here are 10 tools to empower them. (Flickr / Brad Flickinger)

We’re down to the final days of the school year at my school, and many students and teachers have turned their thoughts to assessment. Final exams. Final projects. End-of-course assessments. Quick review sessions. Plenty of options exist to gauge student understanding by using tech tools. The assessment process can be engaging for students and more […]

Deposits and withdrawals at the Relationship Bank and Trust

The capital of student/teacher relationships is interactions, and there are deposits AND withdrawals. (Sketch by Matt Miller)

On the first day of school every year, I open lots of new accounts at the Relationship Bank and Trust. When a new student enters my classroom door, a new account is active. With some students I’ve seen in the halls or already know, their accounts already have a balance. A simple smile and “hello” […]

10 innovative Google lessons from the EduOnAir Conference


Technology isn’t the genius in education, but it can be the catalyst for amazing things. It was a given that the Education on Air Conference, put on by Google for Education, would produce a long list of great ideas and tools that can be leveraged for impressive learning experiences. Right after the conference happened on […]

10 key takeaways from Google’s Education on Air conference

The Education on Air online conference provides educators with hours and hours of high-quality video with ideas for incorporating Google into the classroom. (Screenshot from Education on Air site)

When Google decides to put on a free online conference, it’s a huge event. The 2015 Education on Air conference featured tens of thousands of registered educators from 185 countries. They had more than 100 sessions to choose from in the two-day event. I was fortunate to present “Ditch your textbooks with Google Apps” to […]

Skills of the future: Pushing the conversation forward

Students face an uncertain future, and it's up to educators to help them get ready. A new study sheds some light on what we can do. (Flickr / Alessandro Lucla)

We have no idea what the future holds for today’s students. We don’t know what their workforce will look like. As educators, it’s still our job to prepare them for that future. Now, we have a little more guidance. The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted surveys, asking students to teachers to senior business executives about how to […]

8 ways technology is revolutionizing education (with examples)


With new technology, today’s classrooms have tools that can make learning happen that was impossible in recent years. Now, students can create impressive products as class projects that would have required lots of equipment or money in the past. The smartphones that many students carry in their pockets are much more powerful than the technology […]