iPad Mania: 20 ideas for sparking interest in class with iPads

The iPad has game-changing potential for any classroom. Use these ideas, tips and apps to spark some new interest. (Public domain photo via Unsplash)

When Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPad, it was a marvel that had the potential to make big change. It was visually stunning. It was tactile. It shortened some work from minutes to seconds. The iPad’s possibilities in education were seen quickly and have developed over time. It’s easy to say that tech is just […]

Google Drawings interactive posters (no glue sticks necessary!)

Chromebooks in the classroom (Ditch That Textbook)

Students have created posters in so many classes for so many years. They’re visual, eye-catching and chock full of information. They can be a hassle, though. There’s all of the supplies: markers, glue sticks and the poster board itself (a bigger hassle if kids need to buy it and bring it in). Then there are […]

Our responsibility to humanity: Teach less content

Humanity is begging us to prepare students for the difficult digital decisions in their futures, even if schools aren't built for that right now. (Wikipedia / The College Preparatory School)

For generations, content has been king in the classroom. The more information we impart, the more students will know. Information was a commodity, and teachers were the broker. Not so anymore. Information is an Internet search away. We don’t even have to type it anymore if we ask Siri on our iPhones or do an […]

Where to find the perfect virtual guest for your class

The best guests are hard to get in the classroom. Virtual options with video chats like Skype and Google Hangouts make it easier than ever. Here are some resources. (Creative Commons photo via Good Keen Librarian)

Explorers. Researchers. Archaeologists. Scientists. Lawmakers. Even celebrities and athletes. They’re the great guest speakers that many of us would love to invite to talk to our classes. But schedules, speaking fees, travel and other conflicts keep us from making them an in-person, face-to-face reality. Well, to be accurate, they make in-person contact a fantasy. However, […]

The Classroom Video Manifesto: Resources, ideas and more

Video can be an engaging force in the classroom, whether students create it or consume it. Here are some video sources, tools and teaching ideas. (Public domain photo via Unsplash)

Every day, millions of hours of YouTube videos are watched by its 1 billion users. Every minute, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. It’s no surprise that video engages students in our classrooms. It’s in their pockets — on the mobile devices that many of them come to school with every day. (Or […]

Go where the bus can’t: 10 virtual field trip ideas

The school bus can only take students so far. Use these 10 digital tools to take them anywhere in the world without leaving the classroom. (Flickr / woodleywonderworks)

Field trips are complicated. Messy. Full of lots of work — and lots of paperwork. Thankfully, these days, you don’t need a bus, a bunch of permission slips and an adequate number of chaperones to take students to a magical learning experience. They’re out there for the taking, they’re free, and sometimes they’re instantly available […]

10 sources of free interactive content for your class

Educators are creating lessons and sharing them online. Tap into great teaching resources with these 10 sites. (Flickr / Luis Vidal)

Years ago, textbooks served a different purpose. Information was at a premium, and textbooks filled the void. They were chock full of it — a one-stop shop for the curious student. Today, things have changed. We don’t have a lack of places to learn new things. Google searches and YouTube are where many of us […]

How to get and use free images the RIGHT way in class


  Creating posters has been a staple of so many classrooms of different ages. Usually, it entails gathering some important supplies before starting — posterboard, glue, markers, etc. Many teachers will round up old magazines, too, letting students cut and attach images that illustrate their topics. The digital age has opened classrooms up to a […]

20 Google Apps activities for classroom innovation

10 great obscure Google tricks for school, life

Google Apps for Education has made new ideas and activities possible in classrooms all over the world.  They’ve allowed for creation and collaboration in ways that weren’t possible in the past. One of the best parts about the entire Google Apps suite is that teachers and students can use these versatile tools to create their […]