10 edu-buys from my backpack, classroom and wish list

The holiday shopping season isn't just for getting gifts. Educators can get great deals for items for their classes. Check out these 10 edu-buys. (Wikimedia / Gridpop)

It’s the middle of November, and that means that a few things are on the horizon for us in the United States: the Thanksgiving holiday as well as Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping deals. Pretty soon, shoppers will pack shopping malls and department stores for deeply discounted goods. Some will avoid those crazy crowds […]

The one thing that will change a teacher’s hardened heart


At the two schools where I’ve taught in my career, I’ve been branded as the techie teacher. That’s been a good thing and a difficult thing. It’s been great because students get excited to try some of the experiences they get through technology. It has also opened some great conversations with colleagues about how they […]

10 engaging Google Drawings activities for classes

google drawings activities

Using a document in Google Apps or Microsoft Word is perfect for many activities, but sometimes they can be so limiting. They’re restricting. They force you to enter information in a fairly linear fashion, and linear just doesn’t cut it sometimes. Sometimes, you want your work to be all over the place. Think of sticky […]

Viral classroom: 10 ways to harness viral video power in class

Viral videos go viral for a reason -- they're intensely engaging. There's a lot we can learn from these videos to apply in the classroom. (Sketch by Matt Miller)

Admit it: You watched Charlie bite his brother’s finger. Or you watched the double rainbow guy. Or maybe you’ve watched Peyton Manning talk about giving a girl a second-hand handbag in one of the NFL Bad Lip Reading videos. If it wasn’t one of those, you’ve probably succumbed to one of our guilty pleasures since […]

We’re not 1:1 — 6 ways to get classroom devices

Access to technology can bring any techy teacher's best-laid plans to a screeching halt. Here are some ideas for getting that game-changing technology in your classroom. (Public domain photo via Unsplash.com)

Whole-school 1:1 device programs — where every student has a device, often the same one — seem to be added in droves every new school year. More and more schools put devices in every student’s hands (and sometimes, TWO devices in every student’s hands, called a 2:1 initiative). Many students still lack access, often due […]