Sketchnotes of all 9 DTT Digital Summit presentations


Sketcher Jen Giffen captured all nine sessions of the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit in visual notes!

The first Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit reached educators all over the world with innovative teaching ideas.

Thousands of teachers from dozens of countries signed up. The nine video presentations were viewed more than 15,000 times during the 16 days of the summit.

The #DitchSummit Twitter hashtag was a flurry of activity, with hundreds of educators writing thousands of tweets.

UPDATE: There will be an encore presentation of the Digital Summit! All videos, notes and certificates of completion will be available for one more week in January. Check everything out from Jan. 12-18, 2017, at Go to to get your FREE ticket to have links emailed to you!

One of those Digital Summit participants was Jen Giffen, a digital literacy resource teacher from the York Region of Ontario, Canada.

Did she take notes during each video presentation? Why yes, she did.

Sketchnotes. Visual notes. Of ALL of the presentations. I was FLOORED by every one of them.

So, I figured, why not turn an entire post over to Jen’s creative work? Below are all nine of Jen’s sketchnotes of the Digital Summit presentations. Plus, she very generously shared high-resolution scans of all of them here. Feel free to download, print and share them — but be sure to credit Jen!

Changing lives worldwide in the classroom (Mike Soskil)


Click image to enlarge. (Sketch by Jen Giffen)


Supercharging your class using Google tools (Kasey Bell)


Click image to enlarge. (Sketch by Jen Giffen)


Ditching all that homework (Alice Keeler)


Click image to enlarge. (Sketch by Jen Giffen)


Teach with passion and engagement — like a PIRATE! (Dave Burgess)


Click image to enlarge. (Sketch by Jen Giffen)


Hyperdocs with Lisa, Sarah and Kelly (The Hyperdocs Girls)


Click image to enlarge. (Sketch by Jen Giffen)


LAUNCHing student creativity (John Spencer)


Click image to enlarge. (Sketch by Jen Giffen)


Reaching the world from your classroom (Skype Master Teachers)


Click image to enlarge. (Sketch by Jen Giffen)


Student-led classrooms (Paul Solarz)


Click image to enlarge. (Sketch by Jen Giffen)


Don’t get ready, get started (Noah Geisel)


Click image to enlarge. (Sketch by Jen Giffen)

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