How to use Google Classroom’s secret productivity tool: the mobile app

The education world is starting to get used to Google Classroom. It was released in August 2014 to much fanfare and basic features. Since then, the updates have come fast and furious, and as of January 2017, Google Classroom has more than 70 million users: students, teachers and others. We’re finding ways to become more […]

How to manage Google Classroom like a boss with notifications

When you’re using Google Classroom to manage your class’s workflow, there’s a lot going on. There are assignments and announcements that you’ve created. There are student comments to respond to. There’s grading — and the comments that go with that. It can feel like you’re doing Google Classroom’s bidding — like it’s this cruel taskmaster […]

Updates abound: New features for Flipgrid, Google Classroom, Formative and Kahoot!

This year is no exception. In fact, just yesterday (the day before I publish this post), Flipgrid threw a HUGE bash at their Minneapolis headquarters to release the all new Flipgrid and a slew of new features. It’s a good time to be in education, folks. Technology makes all sorts of meaningful, engaging education accessible […]

Hacking Google Slides (ISTE 2017)

Find this page at:

hacking google slides header

View Matt’s presentation slides: Click here (available after the presentation is over)

Battle of Little Big Horn slides: Click here

Chris Baker’s sodium potassium pump slides: Click here

Our shared presentation: Click here

Share presentations and other Google-infused ideas: Click here

8 interactive Google Slides activities for classroom excitement: Click here

10 Google Slides activities to add awesome to classes: Click here

Drive Slides Chrome extension: Click here

Save Emails and Attachments add-on for Google Sheets: Click here

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Writing papers and research reports the Google way

The traditional research paper has been around a long time. We all likely have a memory of sweating over one at the last minute. They’re still a staple in K-12 schools and in universities. We don’t use formal academic papers and reports that much in real life. Often, they’re sources for more academic papers and […]

Exploring ‘Explore’: How Google works for you and your students

I can only imagine the hours of time spent tinkering on Google Apps. Slide design. Looking up citation information. Fumbling with creating charts from data. If we can eliminate some of the mindless procedural stuff, we can spend quality time on learning. Google’s got your back. Within the last year, they created the Explore tool. […]