Google Apps “GAFE Smashing” activities — Part 4: To the next level

Using Google Apps like Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drawings and MyMaps give you access to features that can take your activities to the next level. However, when you use them together — smash them — you can pull the best of several tools into one superb activity. In today’s post, Karly Moura and Sean Fahey introduce […]

Google Apps “GAFE Smashing” activities — Part 3: Breakout EDU Digital

Breakout EDU is an immersive learning platform developed by James Sanders and Mark Hammons. After visiting an escape room (a room where you are locked in and have to solve clues and riddles to escape) with a group of students, James and Mark noted how engaged the students were while working on the escape. Realizing […]

Google Apps “GAFE Smashing” activities — Part 2: Digital Differentiation

When students and educators start smashing Google Apps together, creative activities start to emerge that aren’t possible with a single app. We’re exploring “GAFE Smashing” in a series of posts. In our last post, we saw two creative examples of “dynamic docs” — ways to use Google Docs in conjunction with other apps. The result […]

Google Apps “GAFE Smashing” activities — Part 1: Dynamic Docs

Google Apps make so many fantastic classroom activities possible. When you smash together multiple Google Apps to create one big activity, those possibilities grow exponentially. Have you ever heard the phrase, “We’re better together”? That’s the way Google Apps are. This idea was discussed by the moderators of the #DitchBook Twitter chat (held Thursdays at […]

iPad Mania: 20 ideas for sparking interest in class with iPads

When Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPad, it was a marvel that had the potential to make big change. It was visually stunning. It was tactile. It shortened some work from minutes to seconds. The iPad’s possibilities in education were seen quickly and have developed over time. It’s easy to say that tech is just […]