30+ ways to Ditch That Textbook: Ideas for teachers by teachers

The best thing about Twitter is the community of educators who share freely with others. Aaron Hogan, the author of Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth, wrote that “Twitter is not going to change your life, but the educators you meet there will.” It’s true, the connections you make on Twitter will help you create a […]

Deposits and withdrawals at the Relationship Bank and Trust

On the first day of school every year, I open lots of new accounts at the Relationship Bank and Trust. When a new student enters my classroom door, a new account is active. With some students I’ve seen in the halls or already know, their accounts already have a balance. A simple smile and “hello” […]

12 mindsets for creating innovative classrooms

College football coach Lou Holtz once said, “Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” In the classroom, the same is true. How well we create learning experiences for our students is largely determined by our mindset. The following quote by Haim Ginott hung […]

What you’ll find in my new book, Ditch That Textbook

These are exciting times in education. Never before have we had so many tools, access to so much information and connections to so many quality educators. That’s my biggest excitement about being a teacher. It’s also my biggest challenge. For more than two years, I’ve written the Ditch That Textbook blog twice a week trying […]