What students say about creating podcasts on WeVideo and Flipgrid

Fifth-grade students in Andrew Fenstermaker’s class in Iowa are creating podcasts about what they’re learning — and what ignites their passion. They take a planning sheet and think through the entire process. They create an image to represent their podcast. They plan some episodes. Then they start creating and recording, editing the whole thing in […]

Student connections WORLDWIDE: Practical ideas to get started

Genny Kahlweiss, a teacher in southern California, wanted more for her students … more than she could provide for them. She started digging into resources at SkypeInTheClassroom.com to get her students connected to experts and new places with video calls. She had no idea how far it would take her students — or their work. […]

Conversations from CUE: basketball, math, branding and more

The CUE Conference in Palm Springs, California, was phenomenal. More than 10,000 educators from the West Coast and beyond converged to talk about teaching, technology, and making change. The best part of a conference, of course, are the people that are there. I took advantage of that and captured some fantastic conversations for YOU on […]

The juice that makes Flipgrid even better (#DitchPod wrap-up)

Educators have incorporated Flipgrid video discussions into their classes all over the world. Flipgrid Fever is a real thing and students are responding. There’s a way to help students have more success with their Flipgrid videos, though. I recently dug into Erik Palmer’s Well Spoken, a book encouraging teachers to support students in developing their […]

Social media tips, books and more (#DitchPod wrap-up)

Social media can be a deep, wide reservoir of ideas and inspiration in the classroom. But at some point, it can make a huge shift in effectiveness. The way we use it can go from transformation to entertainment. It can eat up hours of our lives without actually changing our practice. How can we make […]