Awesome Teacher Summer: 12 ways to grow and learn

Our lives as educators totally change in the summer, don’t they? During the school year: hustle and bustle. Plan. Teach. Grade. Answer emails. Go to meetings. Collapse into bed. Repeat. In the summer, though, the pace changes. Many of us are still busy. (I’ve been to SO many baseball and softball games already!) But it’s […]

Classroom tech: Geekery not required

There’s that teacher. Maybe she works in your building. Maybe she’s at another school in your district. And she plans and executes these amazingly complex techy lessons. So much so that you can’t fully wrap your brain around what she’s doing. She uses a buffet of websites, apps and digital tools. There are layers upon […]

8 quotes from Matt Miller’s Ditch That Textbook keynote

Many times, the most memorable parts of a speech come down to a handful of impactful moments. Inspirational quotes. Unforgettable moments. I recently got the wonderful opportunity to keynote the CUE Conference in Palm Springs, California. I was so thankful for the positive feedback and the warm reception to my message that night. I have […]

Teaching digital citizenship with picture story books

Teaching digital citizenship in a meaningful way can be daunting. These picture books illustrate important concepts beautifully. This post is written by Eleni Kyritsis, a Year 3 teacher and Leader of Digital Learning and Innovation from Melbourne, Australia. She was named the 2017 ACCE Australian Educator of the Year. Find her on Twitter (@misskyritsis) and […]

Inspiration is everywhere: 20+ creative teaching ideas

Where can you find inspiration for a cool lesson or activity? Does it take a “bolt of lightning” creative moment, or can you find it in your everyday life? I think it can be narrowed down to three words. Inspiration is everywhere. So, when I got together with South Carolina educators Matt Johnson and Jed […]

20 great podcasts for educators (and how to get them)

Podcasts are learning on the go: in the car, while working out or as you garden. Here are some great ones for educators. (Icons via  Podcasts are my lifeblood for generating new ideas, processing the ideas I already have and entertainment. They’re like radio shows on virtually any topic under the sun. Actually, they’re […]

7 strategies to THRIVE at the end of the semester

The end of the semester can be full of challenges. But it also creates unique opportunities, too. Here are some ways to seize them. (Photo by Eric Rothermel via the semester winds down, it brings its own unique list of challenges. Special programs cut into class time. Absences seem to go up (at least here […]