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They also see the big picture: how do we use tech meaningfully, and how can we innovate to meet the needs of our students?


Keynote presentation (“Ditch That Textbook”) — Teachers are no longer the gatekeepers to education. With ubiquitous information available from Google searches, YouTube videos and social media, how do we as educators navigate the new landscape? It’s time to “Ditch That Textbook,” engaging students in digital spaces and rethinking our “textbook” beliefs about education. You’ll leave this session inspired and equipped to provide the most relevant education possible for your students.

philhowerDitch That Textbook workshop (full day) — Teachers are no longer the gatekeepers to education. With ubiquitous information available from Google searches, YouTube videos and social media, how do we as educators navigate the new landscape? It’s time to “Ditch That Textbook,” engaging students in digital spaces and rethinking our “textbook” beliefs about education. You’ll leave this session with lots of practical, “use in class tomorrow” ideas for using technology in the classroom. You’ll also be inspired and equipped to provide the most relevant education possible for your students. Thorough digital handouts save links to all your valuable content in one place to refer back to later. Be sure to bring a laptop, Chromebook or tablet to get the most out of this workshop!

Matt MillerGoogle University workshop (full day or half day) — Come to Google Education 101! In this session (best as a half-day or full-day workshop), your Google Certified professor will lead you through a number of practical activities utilizing Google tools that apply to almost any classroom. Don’t think of your typical college lecture though. This class is hands-on! Leave with thorough digital handouts and ideas to implement immediately!

Custom professional development — Matt will work with you to create a professional learning experience that will meet the needs of your educators, equipping them and inspiring them to take their classrooms to the next level. Options include (but are not limited to) technology training, one-on-one or small-group coaching and full-day or half-day workshops with custom content. Matt has even taught example lessons in real classes of students (click for more)!

Virtual keynotes and presentations — Matt can deliver keynotes and other presentations via Skype, Google Hangouts or other video chat technologies to small or large groups.

Conference sessions — Matt presents 45- to 60-minute presentations on the following topics. Each is accompanied by thorough digital resources that attendees can access any time after the session. (See full session descriptions at the bottom of this page.)

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Matt has given hundreds of presentations to thousands of educators at events all over the United States and beyond. He combines a conversational, engaging speaking style with loads of resources.

8903578Keynote speaker resume:

  • National CUE (California)
  • TeachTechPlay (Melbourne, Australia)
  • ConnectED (Ontario, Canada)
  • Flipgrid LIVE (Minnesota)
  • iPadPaloozaEastTX (Texas)
  • Texas Google Summit
  • Nebraska Association of Middle Level Educators
  • New Hampshire School Administrators Association
  • Sycamore Educator Day (Indiana)
  • Indiana Summer of eLearning Conferences including:
    • WeLearn Conference
    • eLead Conference
    • PowerED Up
    • eVillage Conference
    • Make a Splash with Digital Learning
    • Connecting the 4 C’s

Featured Speaker resume:

  • ICE (Indiana)
  • ICE (Illinois)
  • FETC (Florida)
  • MACUL (Michigan)
  • MassCUE (Massachusetts)
  • InnEdCo (Colorado)
  • CUE BOLD (California)
  • Summer Spark (Wisconsin)

Other experiences:

  • Presented at International Society for Technology in Education (2015-2018)
  • Led dozens of school district PD events, presenting full-day workshops, keynote speeches and other presentations all over the United States
  • Hosted his own workshops (Meaningful Tech Workshops and Ditch That Homework workshops) in several states
  • Created Ditch That Conference, a unique themed conference experience, in 2017
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About Matt

wormeliMatt comes from the trenches of teaching, spending more than a decade in the classroom honing his teaching and tech-integration skills. He taught in classes ranging from the tech-sparse to 1:1 with Chromebooks.

Teachers and education experts have acclaimed Matt’s books, Ditch That Textbook: Free Your Teaching and Revolutionize Your Classroom, and Ditch That Homework: Practical Strategies to Help Make Homework Obsolete.

  • “Ditch That Textbook is filled with real-world advice for teachers looking to make their courses relevant for today’s student.” — Jeff Charbonneau, 2013 National Teacher of the Year
  • “Ditch That Textbook provides the most developed process for moving from a textbook dominated pedagogy that I’ve seen thus far.” — Jon Corippo, CUE Rock Star Camps Founder
  • “In an age where many schools are still training students to work in a factory, Matt Miller moves past sweeping rhetoric and shows teachers how to move their classes into the future.” — Don Wettrick, Teacher and Innovation Specialist

certified-innovator-badge-rev-9241Matt is a Google Certified Innovator, one of roughly 2,000 in the world. It’s a competitive program that accepts about 50 educators from hundreds of applicants. Matt completed his Google Teacher Academy in December 2014 in Austin, Texas.

He was named:

  • One of the top 10 influencers in educational technology and elearning by Onalytica.
  • “Top People in Education to Watch in 2016” by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences, which hosts the Bammy! Awards.
  • Golden Apple Award winner by WTHI-TV in Terre Haute, Indiana
  • Skype Master Teacher
  • PBS LearningMedia Digital Innovator
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Conference session summaries

Educational Eye Candy: 5 Brain-Friendly Google Drawings Activities — The verbal/visual connection has huge brain benefits. Get students creating with what they’ve learned using these Google Drawings activities. You’ll learn how to create infographics, visual notes, interactive posters and more!

The Unknown Google Slides: Practical Ideas You Never Considered — Google Slides can be used for so much more than giving oral presentations! Get students creating and engaged in class with these nontraditional uses of Google Slides. Bring a device (laptop/Chromebook recommended) to learn new ideas hands-on!

Connecting Classrooms to the World — Class doesn’t have to be confined to the four walls of the classroom anymore. Powerful communication tools like Skype, Google Hangouts and more can connect your students to other cultures and viewpoints as well as give them access to experts in your field and virtual field trips. Includes great, thorough digital handouts. Learn how to use these free tools to turn your class global!

The Voice: Encourage Student Voice with Podcasts, Video and More — Students can be world changers! Their ideas and the new things they learn deserve to be told. Learn easy ways to use podcasts, video and other tools to give student work an audience AND help them build speaking skills so they can go out and change the world!

Netflix-Style Learning with Screencasts: Push Record. Click Play. Learn. — Screencasting (also called screen recording) lets students create with what they’re learning. It gets the creative juices flowing and helps them make meaning of new content. Learn about different screencast tools and the amazing things your students can make for FREE!

Learn Smarter, Not Harder: Brain-Friendly Learning Strategies — Unlock learning superpowers in your students by helping them learn in ways the brain craves! Cognitive science has a LOT to say about learning, but not much of it has made its way into the classroom. Learn tips and ideas you can use in class tomorrow to help learning really stick.

Sketchnotes: Tools and Tactics for Visual Notetaking — Sketchnoting is a fun, visual, brain-friendly way to remember important ideas and make sense of them for others. In this session, you’ll learn some sketchnoting basics and best practices. You’ll learn how to create them digitally or on paper. You’ll also get a chance to create your first sketchnote!

The Digital Pirate: “TECH Like a PIRATE” — In “Teach Like a PIRATE,” author Dave Burgess shows teachers how to use passion and presentational skills to engage students and create memorable experiences. Matt will share specific tools in combination with PIRATE engagement hooks, giving teachers plenty of “use tomorrow” content. Includes “The Digital PIRATE,” a FREE ebook with 20 ideas for “tech-ing like a PIRATE”!

Take Kahoot! + Digital Formative Assessment to the Next Level — You may be familiar with Kahoot!, Quizizz and Quizlet Live. They’re GREAT formative assessment tools. How can you take them to the next level? Learn about features and ideas for implementation that you may not have tried before!

Digital Instruction: To Infinity and Beyond! — Tired of the glazed over eyes? The slumped posture? Gather ideas to students actively engaged with new content. Create self-paced lessons where students are their own guides in learning. These steps will move your class from teacher-centered toward student-centered learning right away!

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    I have 150+ links to authentic digital resources for Spanish class. I want users to be able to filter links by country (17), ACTFL strands (5) and resources type (8+). Does anyone have an idea for a no-cost or low-cost tool/website?