8 great edu-podcasts worth checking out

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Ed Tech | Thursday, August 22, 2013

8 great edu-podcasts worth checking out

8 great edu-podcasts worth listening to

Podcasts are great for learning on the run.

I use podcasts to learn while I’m running on county roads in Indiana.

Or mowing the lawn. Or driving to a conference.

If you haven’t checked out any education-related (or technology-related) podcasts, it’s worth doing. Podcasts are professional development in your pocket. They’re like learning from your Twitter PLN (professional learning network) or your favorite education blogs, but hands-free.

They’re kind of like radio shows — complete with topics, guests and callers.

They’re simple to access. You can click the link to the podcast in this post or search for them in iTunes or Google Play on your device. Listen on your computer or download them and go.

Here are eight podcasts I’ve listened to — and listened to again — that are worthwhile to educators. So that you’ll understand why I suggest them, here is what I value in a good podcast:

  • They provide value (content worth listening to).
  • There’s not too much fluff (joking around, off-topic conversation, etc. … a little is OK, though). 
  • They use inclusive language (few to no inside jokes or references the average listener wouldn’t understand).
  • They’re professional/intentional in how they’re produced, even if the technical audio quality isn’t the best.

1. Teacher’s Aid with Rae Pica — Rae’s podcasts always have interesting topics, relevant guests and quality ideas. They’re often about 15 minutes long, and every moment is worth your time. Teacher’s Aid sets the bar for other education podcasts.

2. Edchat Radio with Tom Whitby — Edchat Radio takes the best lessons and conversations from each week’s #edchat on Twitter and turns them into a podcast discussion. Tom and his co-host, Nancy Blair, are engaging and insightful, and so are their guests.

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3. The State of Tech — This podcast is produced in and focused on the state of Ohio, but the conversations are very relevant for any technology-using educator. They delve into a main topic deeply, and the co-hosts (Sean Beavers, Eric Curtis and Eric Griffith) are fun and knowledgeable.

4. Instructional Tech Talk with Jeff Herb — Jeff is like the guy in your district (or your PLN) who knows all the tools, tips and tricks, and he shares it all in his podcasts (and on his website).

5. Mobile Reach — The hosts of this podcast (David Freeburg, Jennie Magiera and Sue Gorman) take listeners on a tour of the relevant educational technology topics of the day and include quality guests. I recently learned about the process of becoming a Google Certified Teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator in one of their shows.

6. Teachercast — The great thing about Jeff Bradbury’s podcasts is that he may have anyone in the education community — from the well known to the common educator — on his shows. He helps his guests showcase their own experiences and skills so we can all learn from them.

7. Google Educast — If you teach with or use Google Apps, you’ll learn something useful from the Google Educast. A panel of Google Certified Teachers discuss innovative uses of technology in education and share tips and tricks the listener may not know.

8. (BONUS) NPR Ted Radio Hour — This one isn’t geared specifically toward education, but it’s one of my favorites. This hour-long show features several Ted talks focused around a central theme. The topics are fascinating, and the host, Guy Raz, interviews the speakers with great questions.

Do you listen to education podcasts? Which is your favorite? Leave us a comment below and tell us why!

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  • Michael says:

    And don’t forget the best show ever: http://21clradio.com/goformative-lets-you-assess-students-live-tech-tools-daily-136/

    Of course that is the one where you were the star guest. LOL



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  • Jannette says:

    FYI, there’s a Podcast Awards contest about to start where everyone can vote on their favorite podcasts – and there’s an Education category. Nominations will be accepted for the 9th annual Podcast Awards starting on October 1st, 2013, with voting in November at http://podcastawards.com. Awards and prizes will be awarded during the Award Ceremony at the January 2014 New Media Expo in Las Vegas – info at http://nmxlive.com/2014-lv/.

  • Thanks, Matt- There are a couple you mentioned that I wasn’t familiar with!!! Thanks for the update on podcasts.

  • >