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How to manage Microsoft Teams like a pro

Engage your students with PowerPoint Live!

PowerPoint Live Infographic

30+ FREE PowerPoint education templates + how to make them

30+ free powerpoint education templates plus how to make your own (1)

Use your school Google account to get 22 free Microsoft apps

use your school google account to get 22 free microsoft apps

About Mystery Skypes and why we need more

About Mystery Skypes_Meets and why we need more of them

3 innovative ways to use Microsoft Edu in your classroom

3 innovative ways to use Microsoft Edu in your classroom

20 free PowerPoint themes for teachers

Free Google Slides & PowerPoint themes for teachers (plus lesson ideas and activities to use in class)

Catch the Flipgrid fever! 30+ ways to use Flipgrid in your class

catch the flipgrid fever 30 ways to use flipgrid in your class

Microsoft Edu Videos & Tutorials

Microsoft Educator Insider podcast

microsoft educator insider + 16 innovative ideas (3) (1)

The Microsoft Educator Insider series will give you inspiration, big ideas, and practical strategies for your classroom. 

Click below for 16 excerpts from the show plus links to listen to full episodes.

Ditch That Textbook Podcast Episodes

146: You CAN do that with Microsoft! with Scott Titmas

Many times, when we see the cool things that teachers are doing with Google products, we might assume that the same things can't be done with Microsoft. But that's not necessarily the case! Scott Titmas Share some of his favorite tips and tricks for making Microsoft products work for you in the classroom.

143: Real-time classroom translation for free

In so many schools around the United States and the world, we see a wide variety of native languages. Providing support to students and their families in their own language can pay great dividends in student learning. The Microsoft translator app lets educators connect with students and their families in their native languages and a wide variety of circumstances. In this episode, I share four places where it can strengthen family communication and instruction.

115: Why OneNote is my notetaking app of choice

I'm a big fan of taking notes on paper notebooks. I have used a variety of digital note-taking apps. However, this one app is changing my mind about how I take notes and keep them organized. That app is OneNote ( It's available for free. Plus, the ability to draw freehand with a stylus or pen is fantastic.

Make learning memorable!

Take your teaching to the next level by transforming your lessons into a memorable learning experience.

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