Create flashcards WITH students with Flashcard Factory

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Ed Tech | Monday, April 2, 2018

Create flashcards WITH students with Flashcard Factory

Making flashcards with student-created images can be easy and fun! Check out the Flashcard Factory and make flashcards WITH your students.

Flashcards on index cards can be useful, but creating them can be a drag. Plus, there’s the trouble of carrying them around.

What if students could create flashcards as a CLASS, keeping only the best ones to use for practice?

Oh, and what if they added their own IMAGES to those flashcards?

That’s at the heart of Flashcard Factory by Pear Deck, a neat FREE tool to let students “crowdsource” the flashcards they’ll use to study.

Check out this tutorial video, which walks you through the steps …

  • Create the list of terms
  • Invite students to collaborate
  • Collect student images and example sentences
  • Vote for the best ones
  • Create a Quizlet flashcard set with what students created
  • Add the flashcard set to Google Classroom

Skip forward to the times below to see any idea in particular:

1:02 — Start by going to Pear Deck

1:27 — Create a new vocabulary list

2:35 — Launch the Flashcard Factory

4:00 — Students create flashcards in the Flashcard Factory

6:00 — Go to “Quality Control” to approve/reject student images and example sentences.

7:25 — Export your set to Quizlet

8:44 — Why this is great …

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