Digital Instruction: To Infinity and Beyond!

Digital Instruction: To Infinity and Beyond!

Find this page:

1. Post instructions in Google Classroom (or your LMS)

2. Use Hyperdocs for student-centered learning

Let’s try a Hyperdoc! This one’s easy … It’s called “My Happy Place” … click this link to make a copy of it and get started! (Created by Lisa Highfill)

3. Rethink instruction with Pear Deck

Let’s try some interactive slides! Go to and enter the code on the screen to join!

4. Get students talking with Flipgrid

Flipgrid lets student share what they've learned with their voices. Plus, they can see each other's ideas.

5. Practice with Gimkit

Get repetitions with a fun twist — power-ups!

6. Use the station rotation model

Empower students to complete their work on their own -- and get some physical movement in.

7. Share resources with an explore board

Let students explore a variety of articles, videos, and other resources instead of just assigning one for all.