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Ready to take your tech skills -- and student learning -- to another level?
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Effective tech use in class is TOUGH.

  • There are so many options out there. 
    Technology is changing constantly. There's SO much to choose from. It's easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the apps, websites, tools and gadgets out there.
  • We're already strapped for time.
    Lesson planning. Teaching. Grading. Meetings. Emails. With all that's on our plates, we educators can't do everything that's worth doing. Time is our most valuable asset, and it's scarce.
  • How do we know that it's going to work?
    It can feel risky to try new ideas. When we doubt that change will actually produce results, it can seem even riskier. We like to know that our efforts will actually produce better learning.

Some practical ideas and wisdom
would go a long way, right?

Imagine having some classroom-tested ideas you could start using right away -- or modify to be a perfect fit to you and your students. Imagine having some clarity on the critical issues to help you succeed right away.

What would your classroom look like? What would it feel like?

Can you imagine the looks on your students' faces? Those "light bulb moments" that we've all talked about as teachers?

And the lasting impact ... think about those students coming back to you years later, saying those experiences in your classroom were memorable -- or even life-changing?

These next six weeks can be TRANSFORMATIVE.

Some new ideas and inspiration could make the next six weeks a game-changer ...

  • Make class even MORE engaging with fun, tech-infused learning activities
  • Improve long-term memory with lessons that are MEMORABLE
  • Help students create and interact in ways that they couldn't without the tech
  • Save time for what matters most by being more efficient

Ready to get started?

Introducing: The Tech to Learn Online Course

The Tech to Learn Online Course provides you with everything you need to move the needle for learning with tech-infused lessons.

This course is adapted from the popular full-day workshops offered on site all over the United States by Matt Miller of Ditch That Textbook. The course provides the best parts of these well-received workshops AND adds new material that's not available in these in-person events.

  • 1
    Face-to-face video with Matt: The course is filled with more than four hours of video, where Matt brings the inspiration and practical ideas his workshops are known for.
  • 2
    Six focus areas where tech makes a difference: The course's six main modules are full of classroom-tested tech ideas that WORK. 
  • 3
    Practical ideas to plug into class: Each module is chock full of lesson ideas you can start using right away, including step-by-step tutorial videos.
  • 4
    Four BONUS mini-modules on hot issues: These mini-modules include perspective on areas where it's easy to struggle, including cheating and saving time during the day.
  • 5
    All the time you need: Take your time working through this course. Once you purchase it, you have lifetime access to it. Refer back whenever you need a little inspiration.

Here's what you'll get in the course ...

  • MODULE 1: TAKE THEM THERE -- Using immersive experiences with maps to give students the emotional experience of travel
  • MODULE 2: POWERFUL INSTRUCTION AND FEEDBACK -- Rethinking how we teach and communicate with students to make it more interactive
  • MODULE 3: CREATE INSTEAD OF CONSUME -- Offering students opportunities to make something -- digital or analog -- to solidify learning
  • MODULE 4: EMPOWERING STUDENT VOICE -- Encouraging students to speak up and voice their opinion -- and improve their speaking skills
  • MODULE 5: MAKE FACE-TO-FACE CONNECTIONS -- Tapping into the power of video calls and collaboration to extend class beyond its four walls
  • MODULE 6: HARNESS THE POWER OF BRAIN SCIENCE -- Using cognitive science findings to learn smarter, not harder

... and the extras! (You'll love these.)

  • MINI-MODULE 1: FREE UP PRECIOUS TIME -- Improving teacher productivity to do what matters most
  • MINI-MODULE 2: ADDRESSING CHEATING IN TODAY'S CLASSROOM -- Discussing the factors around cheating, why students do it, and how we can rethink our teaching and assignments
  • MINI-MODULE 3: TAPPING INTO UNLIMITED NEW IDEAS -- Harnessing the power of social media to gain new ideas, connect to others and grow professionally
  • MINI-MODULE 4: MAKING YOUR TECH DOLLAR STRETCH -- Finding funding for digital tools and/or classroom technology
  • Plus PDF checklists, step-by-step tutorial videos, and more!

What People Have Said About
Matt's Workshops

"Unique, helpful, classroom-ready ideas!"

"Matt's workshop will leave you with innovative, easy-to-implement, engaging tech ideas to integrate in any content and grade level. You'll feel ready to implement an idea tomorrow."

Teri (Teacher, Texas)
About Matt's in-person Meaningful Tech Workshop

"Real-world scenarios of how to implement tools in class ..."

"This is the best hands-on tech workshop for all levels of teachers. Whether you are curious about introducing a little tech into the classroom or want to jump in full force, this workshop can lead you int he right direction! I really appreciate Matt and his willingness to share."

Valerie (Teacher, Texas)
About Matt's in-person Meaningful Tech Workshop

"What was useful? SO MUCH OF IT!!!"

Matt Miller is my eduhero. He has such a great way of incorporating technology into the classroom that inspires me to be a better teacher!

Cariann (Teacher, Oklahoma)
About Matt's in-person Meaningful Tech Workshop

Are you ready to take the next step?

Imagine the "a-ha!" looks on your students' faces. 

The electricity in the classroom atmosphere. 

The long-lasting learning.

Now is the time to make it happen!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Matt Miller

Creator of Tech to Learn

About the Author

Textbooks shudder when Matt Miller comes around.

An author, blogger, presenter and educator, Matt is Head Textbook Ditcher for Ditch That Textbook. His goal: render textbooks obsolete one lesson at a time through technology, creativity and innovation. Miller is the author of two books: Ditch That Textbook and Ditch That Homework.

His award-winning and well respected blog, DitchThatTextbook.com, provides insanely practical teaching ideas and words of wisdom to tens of thousands of educators in more than 200 countries. He is a Google Certified Innovator (Austin ’14), a Skype Master Teacher, a Bammy! Awards nominee, and winner of the WTHI-TV Golden Apple Award.

He’s from Indiana and is living the dream: happily married with three kids, two dogs and a mortgage.

Still trying to decide if this is right for you?

It's tough to decide if an opportunity like this is worth the investment. Let's think through some of the questions you might have at this point ...

How do I know this will work in my class?

Matt Miller has delivered his "Meaningful Tech Workshops" all over the United States for years. He refines them each time they're delivered. He keeps and improves on what teachers love. He removes the parts that don't resonate with teachers. He adds exciting new ideas that he finds online. After years of teaching, presenting and working with teachers, these are the ideas that have stood the test of time.

Is this course good for all levels K-12?

Yes! Matt presents his "Meaningful Tech Workshops" at schools, districts and other sites to educators of all different backgrounds. Matt's full-time teaching experience is high school, but he's spent time teaching in elementary and middle school classrooms as well, giving him perspective to make the course relevant to all grade levels.

What if my school isn't 1:1 (1 device per student)?

That's OK. Many of the ideas in the course can be done in a "1 to many" setting (i.e. multiple students to each device), in groups or in stations. Plus, there are plenty of ideas that can be done from the teacher's computer/device that benefit the whole class. You don't need to be at a school where every student has his/her own device to see the transformative benefits of this course. 

What if I'm not very techy?

Don't worry! These workshops are created to meet you right where you are. Whenever he presents these workshops in person, Matt meets teachers with a wide spectrum of tech abilities. His background in communications has helped him hone his presentation style to make sure he can reach everyone in the room. Plus, you can always pause, replay and revisit videos as much as you'd like.

How do I know I'll be able to use this in class?

Each module includes challenges -- simple tasks for you to do to practice with the new ideas in the course. You'll have hands-on experience with everything before you try it in class. Plus, if you struggle, the Facebook community (which includes Matt!) is there to help.

If I liked the "Ditch Summit," will I like this?

We're betting that you will. The "Ditch Summit" (Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit) is a FREE online conference for educators in December. In it, Matt interviews innovative educators to provide practical ideas and inspiration to anyone who watches. Matt brings the same passion and practicality to the videos in this course.

What if I decide I want a refund?

That's totally fine. This course comes with a 100% Satisfaction Policy -- a 30-day window where you can request a refund without even giving a reason. If you're not thrilled with the course, request a refund within that window. We'll process it for you, no questions asked.

What does "lifetime access" really mean?

Can we really guarantee "lifetime access"? We're not sure any online course can really, truly do that. So, to be totally transparent, here's what we mean by "lifetime access." We have NO intentions of taking this course down. As long as it's available -- and as long as our online course platform exists -- you'll have access to this course. And as the course is improved over time, you'll have access to those improvements as well. We want you to have lasting value when you get this course, and this is our commitment to that.

What if my school wants to offer the course?

If that's the case, we can make them a great deal on it. There are discounts available for entire staffs or large quantities. Email hello@DitchThatTextbook.com for a detailed quote for your specific needs.

Here's what you get in the course ...

  • Six modules with POWERFUL tech ideas 
  • Face-to-face video instruction with Matt
  • Hands-on challenges to hone your skills
  • Four BONUS mini-modules about hot topics
  • A private Facebook community
  • LOTS of resources for digging deeper

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you aren't convinced that the ideas in the course will boost learning in your classroom in 30 days after getting access, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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