10+ ways to use Flipgrid’s newest features in the classroom

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Ed Tech | Thursday, August 16, 2018

10+ ways to use Flipgrid’s newest features in the classroom

Flipgrid’s features include a cool new camera and player, Grid Pals, Vibes and more. (Oh, and it’s FREE now!) How can you use these in the classroom? Here are some suggestions.

For many students, video is just part of the way they speak.

Snapchat. Instagram. YouTube. For many of them, they think in terms of sharing socially.

Video has never been more accessible and available to use in classroom settings. Flipgrid is a platform where students can respond to prompts with short video responses.

And Flipgrid keeps getting better and better. Just recently, it announced a slew of new features.

What are they, and how can they be used in class? Check out today’s video!

1:02 — New video recorder and player

2:04 — Trim start/end off videos

2:37 — Add vibes (text tags to video thumbnails)

3:13 — Ideas for using vibes in the classroom

4:12 — Add attachments to create “HyperFlips”

4:25 — That moment when the lady on the speaker interrupts Matt …

6:26 — Connect with Grid Pals

7:30 — Personalize topics with emojis

8:10 — Emojis for better recall (???)

8:30 — An emoji keyboard for Google Chrome

9:10 — Use “topic tips” to coach students to record well

10:26 — Ways to use video replies (which are now free)

11:15 — Use replies for collaborative storytelling

12:12 — Use replies for class brain dumps

13:16 — That OTHER time when Matt gets interrupted at the airport …

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