14 ways to turn your classroom into a game show

#DitchBook Twitter chat

#DitchBook Twitter chat | Friday, October 25, 2019

14 ways to turn your classroom into a game show

14 ways to turn your class into a game show
Title image: 12 ways to turn your classroom into a game show. Including google slides game templates and ideas for playing quizlet, quizizz, gimkit, kahoot and quizlet live.

Game shows are fun to watch and even more fun to be a part of. There are lots of ways to bring game show style learning to your classroom. Here are 14 ideas plus tools and templates to get started.

The music, the lights, the energy, the excitement of winning and the agony of defeat. Game shows are engaging and fun. It’s no wonder that our students love to be a part of game show style learning in our classrooms.

So how can we help students feel the thrill of winning? Or the agony of defeat? And what apps or tools are already out there to help turn your classroom into your very own “game show”?

During the weekly #DitchBook Twitter chat, educators tackled these questions and more. They shared links to resources, examples, ideas for putting a creative spin on familiar games, plus FREE templates for making your own.

Check out all 14 of the ideas and resources below along with a link to a bonus listicle created by Ryan O’Donnell. In it he shares 6 game show templates in Google Slides including Frazzle, Double Trouble, Change That Card, Family Feud, Let’s Make a Deal and The Price Is Right! You can also visit this Wakelet collection to see the entire chat.

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14 ways to turn your classroom into a game show

1. Play the part!  Bring the music and your best game show host voice to really get the class involved.

2. Add Family Feud style fun to your class or PD with a survey from your own community of learners. Use this Family Feud game template to get started.

3. Quizizz is a fun, way to engage students in review and assessment at school or at home. And best of all, it’s free. Pair it with the Fast and Curious EduProtocol and you can really level up the fun!

4. Quizlet and Quizlet Live turn learning vocabulary into a fun and exciting game. New to Quizlet? Check out our post if you aren’t sure how to get started with Quizlet Live. You can play Quizlet Live in lots of different ways to keep it fresh and engaging.

5. Flippity.net allows you to turn a Google Spreadsheet into a game. Try the scavenger hunt, BINGO, hangman, matching games and more!

6. An arcade game generator, Fakebook profile, random name picker, image reveal. Those are just a few of the fantastic tools available for FREE on classtools.net.

7. There is a reason why Jeopardy has been on the air for so long. Kids and adults love to play it! Check out #5 in this post for a template to make your own Jeopardy game in Powerpoint or Google Slides.

8. Wheel decide is a fun way to bring a little game show fun even if you only have a few minutes. You can add your own choices in or check out their premade wheels for a quick time-filler.

9. Gimkit is quickly becoming a favorite among teachers and students. It’s like Quizlet but with power-ups. Gimkit has tons of engaging themes too like Thanos mode or zombies vs. humans. Check out our post Game show classroom: Comparing Kahoot!, Quizizz, Quizlet Live, and Gimkit to learn more.

10. Head Bands with index cards is the perfect, tech-free, game show style option for vocabulary review.

11. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire can be played using questions from any subject. Check out #4 in this post for a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire game template in Google Slides.

12. The chance that ANY of audience members could be called to play makes The Price Is Right even more exciting to watch. Check out this Price is Right Estimation game created by Jen Walter that turns math into a game show by asking students to “come on down!”

13. Create your own Google Slides class baseball review game for any subject. Alice Keeler has provided everything you need to get started including directions and a template!

14. Kahoot! is always a student favorite. The music alone turns up the engagement level (and the noise level) in any classroom. There are lots of different variations for playing. Try a blind Kahoot!, ghost mode, team play, or even a connected Kahoot!

BONUS! Game show templates in Google Slides

Ryan O’Donnell shared this amazing listicle with us that includes links to more learning games and tools. Plus he shares 6 game show templates in Google Slides including Frazzle, Double Trouble, Change That Card, Family Feud, Let’s Make a Deal and The Price Is Right.

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