5 ways to use Adobe Spark Page in your classroom


Creativity | Monday, March 25, 2019

5 ways to use Adobe Spark Page in your classroom

Creating a beautifully designed web page seems like a monumental task. But with Adobe Spark Page you and your students can create beautiful, professional looking web stories in minutes.

[callout]This post is written by Claudio Zavala Jr., an Instructional Technology Coordinator with Duncanville ISD in Duncanville, Texas. This is the third in a series on creating in the classroom with Adobe Spark. You can find Claudio on Twitter @ClaudioZavalaJr or on his blog: iamclaudius.com  [/callout]

Creating web pages used to be very time-consuming. If you didn’t know HTML then putting together a webpage was almost impossible. Luckily web design tools have come a long way and designing your own web story is now even easier with Adobe Spark Page. You can create eye-catching web pages with magazine style themes.

Want to know how?

With Adobe Spark Page you and your students can create amazing web pages in minutes. They can be created using browsers on Macs, Windows, and Chromebooks. Or build awesome visuals on the go with Adobe Spark Page on iOS.

Start by creating an account on spark.adobe.com or download the Adobe Spark Page app to your iPhone. Both web and mobile apps work the same, with some minor differences in the user interface. Trust me, it’s easy to figure out!

Add videos, photos, text and more to your page using the magazine style themes and with Adobe Spark magic your content is put into motion using Glideshow. See what the finished product might look like in the video below.


It really IS that easy! Now, that you know how simple it is, it’s time to create some digital web stories with your students. Check out all of the ideas and example projects below.

Here are 5 ways you can use Adobe Spark Page in your classroom tomorrow!

Photo essay

Adobe Spark Page is a great tool to highlight photography or artwork. Make photos stand out with a variety of page layouts. Try using a Glideshow to create a scrolling museum page. It’s a great way for your students to highlight and display their work.


Are you looking for a place to collect all of your work or the work of your students? How about an online resume? Adobe Spark Page provides space and features that enable everyone to curate their own work and create a gorgeous portfolio or resume.

  • Meet Kate Kriege: Educator. Mentor. Leader. by Kate Hieb-Krieger – Building a resume is a life skill. One that we are continually looking to improve on ourselves as adults. Show your students how easy it can be to build a beautiful eye-catching resume for their future job applications.
  • My Portfolio – You or your students can put all of their best work from the year of over the course of several years in one place to share at Open House or to showcase at an event.

About me

Everyone has a story to tell. Every student has a voice to share. Adobe Spark Page is a great resource to share and tell your story. Create an About Me web page and add images, videos, galleries, and web links.


Take a traditional assignment like book reports and essays and give them a digital twist. Using features like Glideshows and Split layouts in Adobe Spark Page to organize sections and display content by themes or topics.

  • The Colorado River by Ezra Forta – For a fun spin on traditional essays, students can use images and captions to share what they have learned about a topic. In this 6th example text provides background information to accompany the images along with their reasons for choosing the topic.
  • The Civil War – Give history reports a modern spin. Students can create a page that describes important historical events and can even embed a YouTube video to support their information.
  • 1984 – Book reports get a makeover with Adobe Spark Page. Students from elementary to high school can easily add information about the book and share their thinking through a web story.


Adobe Spark Page is perfect for documenting trips. Students can also create content in companion apps Spark Post and Video and then add them to the web page.

Adobe Spark Page is available to all teachers and students. Even better, schools get Premium features that usually cost $9.99/month per user absolutely FREE! Read more about that here.

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