A #DitchSummit encore! The Digital Summit is back in January!

DTT Digital Summit

DTT Digital Summit | Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A #DitchSummit encore! The Digital Summit is back in January!

Did you love the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit? Get more of it from Jan. 12-18, 2018! (Public domain image via Pixabay.com)

Apparently, people love to get PD in their PJ's!

The Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit brought professional development into your living room, on your favorite couch, with slippers and pajamas and coffee (or hot chocolate or tea ... whatever your fancy).

The nine video presentations -- and replays of the nine 2016 presentations -- inspired more than 10,000 educators all over the world and gave them practical ideas for the 2018. (Amazing!)

After the summit closed and videos went offline on January 1, the tweets and emails started coming in.

"I missed the summit and I'm so disappointed!"

"Can you please open the videos up again?"

"I really want to share this with my staff now that school is back in session!"

I hate to disappoint people and would love to see more people experience Ditch Summit.

It's back!

I'm opening up the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit back up for a week -- starting on Friday, January 12.

The nine video presentations from 2017 -- and all nine from 2016 -- will be available to watch. That also includes the video notes and the certificates for professional development credit.

Head to DitchSummit.com to get on the list for email updates with links to all of the presentations.

Follow along with all of the presentations using the #DitchSummit hashtag on Twitter as well as in Flipgrid video responses at flipgrid.com/ditchsummit.

#DitchSummit, a free online conference for teachers, is back Jan 12-18! pic.twitter.com/RooDSU3ESu

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The lineup

Here are the 2017 presentations that will be available to view during the encore:

  • When Tech and Pedagogy Collide with Tanya Avrith and Holly Clark
  • The Science of Happiness with Kim Strobel
  • Brain-Friendly Learning that Works with Dr. Pooja Agarwal
  • How in the Google Did You Do That? with Eric Curts
  • How to Learn from a World of Educators with Sarah Thomas
  • Plan Smarter, Not Harder with Edu-Protocols with Jon Corippo
  • How to Make Learning a Game with Michael Matera
  • Chromebook Crash Course: What You NEED with Matt Miller
  • What Schools Can Learn from Start-Up Culture with Don Wettrick

What have you gained from #DitchSummit? What would you like to see in future summits? Share your ideas in a comment below!

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