Microsoft Edu in the Classroom

Microsoft offers a ton of amazing tools for teaching and learning with technology.

Both Microsoft AND Google users can benefit from the incredible resources available (for FREE).

Open up a world of resources with Microsoft Edu!

Microsoft Edu tools have so much potential for powerful technology integration in the classroom.

Check out TONS of ideas and activities you can use right away!

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Teaching with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Edu in the Classroom

FREE PowerPoint Templates

Teaching with Flipgrid

Skype in the Classroom


Podcast episodes

Teaching with Microsoft Teams

If you're new to Teams, all of its features can be daunting.
Don't worry. We've got you covered.

How to manage Microsoft Teams like a pro

Microsoft Teams: How to manage it like a pro! FREE ebook!

Microsoft Teams: How to manage it like a pro! This ebook isn't just about the basic features of Microsoft Teams. (Although it has links to get you up to speed with them.)

microsoft teams free ebook

It's all about best practices for using it.

Not just "How does it work?" But "How can I use it WELL?"

  • Links to resources to get you up and running with Teams
  • How to manage video meetings well with students
  • Teams, channels, tabs or apps: Which to use and when
  • How to share meaningful feedback in Teams
  • How to upgrade your assignments in Teams

It also includes links to infographics, videos, and more. Plus, there's a Wakelet collection with all the links from the book in one easy to use place!

Microsoft Edu in the Classroom

Microsoft Education offers a suite of tools that can be used in lots of innovative ways in the classroom. 

Check out the ways you can get started using Microsoft Edu tools with y​our students.

Immersive Reader supports students who struggle to read in a non-stigmatizing way. Students can use it for free in several ...

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use your school google account to get 22 free microsoft apps

Did you think Microsoft Office 365 was paid? Or your school Google account meant it was off limits? There's good ...

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3 innovative ways to use Microsoft Edu in your classroom

This post is written by Scott Titmas, a Technology Integration Specialist in Old Bridge, New Jersey. You can connect with ...

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Engage your students with PowerPoint Live!

PowerPoint Live Infographic

FREE PowerPoint Templates

Finding the perfect activity for our class can be difficult because every class, and every student, is unique. Templates give us a starting point and allow us to create a lesson or activity that is just right for our class.

30+ free powerpoint education templates plus how to make your own

PowerPoint education templates create meaningful interactive activities for students. Find free templates and how to make your own.Templates are productivity ...

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Free Google Slides & PowerPoint themes for teachers (plus lesson ideas and activities to use in class)

Free Google Slides & PowerPoint themes for teachers (plus lesson ideas and activities to use in class). This post is ...

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Teaching with Flipgrid

Flipgrid is an amazing tool to use in the classroom. You can use it in every grade level and in every subject!

Shorts season: An introduction to the NEW Flipgrid camera

The Flipgrid Shorts Camera is packed with possibilities. Check out some of the new features and get started creating! This ...

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50+ ways to use flipgrid

Flipgrid, a FREE video discussion platform, gives all students a voice. Here are more than 50 Flipgrid ideas and activities ...

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Video is so easy to create in the classroom now. What used to take expensive equipment and advanced know-how can ...

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Skype in the Classroom

Video calls and collaborative digital tools let us connect in powerful ways. They let our students experience and learn from others in diverse locations in deep ways. Skype is an excellent tool for connecting your class with others around the world.

About Mystery Skypes_Meets and why we need more of them

Mystery Skypes can break down a classroom's walls and open students up to the world. They're easy to set up ...

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Classroom video calls. You can do this. Here’s how.

Chances are, you're already doing video calls in your personal life. Using them in the classroom is easier than you ...

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20 easy ways to collaborate globally with your class now

Using video call tools like Skype or Google Meet students can connect with people, places and experiences. Here are 20 ...

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Learn about using Microsoft Edu at a glance with these infographics. Click an image to see it full-size.

Make learning memorable!

Take your teaching to the next level by transforming your lessons into a memorable learning experience.

Microsoft Educator Insider podcast

microsoft educator insider + 16 innovative ideas (3) (1)

The Microsoft Educator Insider series will give you inspiration, big ideas, and practical strategies for your classroom. 

Click below for 16 excerpts from the show plus links to listen to full episodes.

Ditch That Textbook Podcast Episodes

146: You CAN do that with Microsoft! with Scott Titmas

Many times, when we see the cool things that teachers are doing with Google products, we might assume that the same things can't be done with Microsoft. But that's not necessarily the case! Scott Titmas Share some of his favorite tips and tricks for making Microsoft products work for you in the classroom.

143: Real-time classroom translation for free

In so many schools around the United States and the world, we see a wide variety of native languages. Providing support to students and their families in their own language can pay great dividends in student learning. The Microsoft translator app lets educators connect with students and their families in their native languages and a wide variety of circumstances. In this episode, I share four places where it can strengthen family communication and instruction.

115: Why OneNote is my notetaking app of choice

I'm a big fan of taking notes on paper notebooks. I have used a variety of digital note-taking apps. However, this one app is changing my mind about how I take notes and keep them organized. That app is OneNote ( It's available for free. Plus, the ability to draw freehand with a stylus or pen is fantastic.

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