Create digital comic strips for class with MakeBeliefsComix

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Ed Tech | Friday, February 22, 2013

Create digital comic strips for class with MakeBeliefsComix

Students are familiar with writing assignments with paper and pencil and with word processor and keyboard. What about assignments with characters, speech bubbles and props?

MakeBeliefsComix gives students a more artistic medium to express their creativity in assignments. Students fill the panels of a comic strip with text that they type, unique characters in multiple poses and various props. They type their own dialogue and bring their stories to life. Once their comic strip is finished, it is ready to be printed or shared via email.

The connections between MakeBeliefsComix and the classroom are numerous. I wrote a post for the Indiana 28-Day Web 2.0 Challenge recently about teaching with MakeBeliefsComix. Activities could range from a simple three-panel comic response to content in your classroom to a multi-strip comic book telling a longer story.

How could you see MakeBeliefsComix being used in your classroom or your content area? What would your students think about creating comic strips instead of writing assignments? Leave a comment and let us know!

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