Cultivating creativity in the classroom: Ideas for teachers by teachers

#DitchBook Twitter chat

#DitchBook Twitter chat | Friday, February 23, 2018

Cultivating creativity in the classroom: Ideas for teachers by teachers

How can we infuse our classrooms with creativity? Educators suggested plenty of options in a recent #DitchBook Twitter chat.

As we move further and further into the digital age, creativity continues to surge to the top of skills students will need in the future.

Barbara Dyer, president of The Hitachi Foundation, wrote that creativity is no longer an option in the workplace.

Creativity and innovation are key requirements for the growth and adaptation of organizations, according to this study in the JCB.

Forbes listed creativity as one of its seven most universal job skills.

In schools, where content has been king for so long, how does creativity fit in? How can we make it part of our classrooms on a regular basis?

We tackled that question in the #DitchBook Twitter chat, and participants had lots of suggestions for more creativity in the classroom.

Check them out in the summary of this week’s chat below!

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