Ditch Summit 2018: PD on your couch, on your time

DTT Digital Summit

DTT Digital Summit | Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Ditch Summit 2018: PD on your couch, on your time

The Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit is back! Choose from hours of amazing professional learning … when and where you want to watch it. Free certificates of completion. More at DitchSummit.com.

Want to spend a little of your December learning ideas from world-class educators you can start using in class right away?

You’re in the right place.

The third annual Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit runs from December 14-31. More than 15,000 educators from around the world participated in the summit last year. Be among them for this year’s event, which promises to be amazing yet again!

Get your FREE ticket to the summit by clicking here.

How does Ditch Summit work?

It’s easy. Here are the steps to take:

1. Get your FREE ticket. Click here to sign up for your free ticket, which will automatically email you links to every presentation as soon as it’s made available. That way, you won’t miss anything.

2. Help us spread the word until it starts! The summit opens on December 14, but until then, you can help by letting other people know about it …

3. Watch the videos and enjoy! Once the summit starts, a new video presentation will be released each day. Click the link in your email to go to the video and the resources provided with it. Videos are available until the summit closes at 11:59pm U.S. Eastern time on December 31. After that, the summit is over and the videos disappear!

4. Generate certificates of completion. You can create a PDF certificate of completion to submit to your school for professional development credit after you watch a video. You can print it off or email it to your school leader in charge of professional development. We don’t guarantee that your school/district will accept them, but many do! (Note: Teachers in the state of Illinois can get official Illinois PD credits by clicking a special button on each video page.)

5. View, print or download the session summary notes. After the summit closes, the videos become unavailable … but you can keep the summary notes forever! These PDF files are accessible from the video pages. Just click the button to view, print or download them.

6. Be social! Each year, our #DitchSummit Twitter community has buzzed with activity. Join in by going to the Twitter hashtag (you can click here), seeing what everyone else has said, replying to and liking others’ posts, and posting your own takeaways.

7. Watch all you want until December 31. If you haven’t noticed me mentioning it already, the Ditch Summit videos aren’t available forever. They’re only open during the summit (December 14-31). After December 31, they become unavailable until the summit re-opens. So don’t miss out … watch early and often — as many times as you want!

“But wait … they don’t really disappear. You can make them available any time, right?” Yes, that’s true. Technically, they do live in my YouTube account and I could make them available all year round. But here’s what I’ve found. We humans are really bad at taking action unless there’s a deadline. The disappearing videos create a sense of urgency that stirs people to act — to actually watch the videos. I’m in this for impact — to equip teachers and push for change in education — and I’ve found that this dynamic of the “end of the summit” stirs people to action. Plus, it creates a sense of a real event with a start and end — like a conference.

Presenters for 2018 Ditch Summit

Here’s who you can expect to see during the new sessions for this year’s summit:

  • Ken Shelton: Educator, speaker and disruptor. Expertise: helping students use technology to change the world
  • Kim Bearden: Co-Founder and Executive Director, Ron Clark Academy. Expertise: Student communication and relationship building
  • Manuel Herrera: Innovation Coordinator and Design Space Facilitator, Affton School District. Expertise: Visual thinking
  • Jornea Erwin: Head of Educator Innovation, Flipgrid. Expertise: Creating innovative learning experiences with technology
  • Matt Miller: Head Textbook Ditcher, Ditch That Textbook. Expertise: Using technology to increase student engagement and boost learning
  • Tony Vincent: Fifth grade teacher and creator of LearningInHand.com. Expertise: Using G Suite tools for innovative learning
  • Bryan Miller: Co-founder of TopTechEDU and Director of Education Strategy, Wonder Workshop. Expertise: Using coding and computational thinking in K-12 classrooms
  • Claudio Zavala: Instructional Technology Coordinator in Dallas, Texas. Expertise: Video, creativity and storytelling.

Find all of the presenters from the 2018 on Twitter by using this list (see screenshot below). Just open it and click “Follow” on each one to keep up on what they’re doing!

More than 15 hours of additional videos!

During the summit, all of our previous years’ video presentations are available, too! We have had New York Times best-selling authors, Global Teacher Prize finalists, former teachers of the year, well-known education bloggers and more! Our Ditch Summit faculty includes …

  • Dave Burgess, author of Teach Like a Pirate
  • Mike Soskil, Global Teacher Prize Top 5 finalist and Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year
  • Alice Keeler, Google Classroom and G Suite guru
  • “The Hyperdocs Gals” (Lisa, Sarah and Kelly), creators of Hyperdocs
  • Kasey Bell, author of Shake Up Learning and Google certifications expert
  • John Spencer, author of Launch and Empower
  • Jon Corippo, co-author of The EduProtocol Field Guide and CUE Inc. executive director
  • Michael Matera, gamification expert and author, Explore Like a Pirate
  • Kim Strobel, happiness coach and education consultant
  • Pooja Agarwal, cognitive scientist and former K-12 educator
  • Eric Curts, Google Certified Innovator and ControlAltAchieve.com creator
  • Sarah Thomas, connected educator and EduMatch founder
  • Don Wettrick, StartEdUp founder and innovation/open-source learning teacher
  • Paul Solarz, author of Learn Like a Pirate and Global Teacher Prize Top 50 finalist
  • Noah Geisel, former ACTFL World Languages Teacher of the Year
  • Three Skype Master Teachers (Dyane Smokorowski, Jed Dearybury and Gina Ruffcorn)

Their videos are available during the summit (December 14-31) — with certificates of completion and PDF notes pages, too!

Get your ticket now!

If you haven’t claimed your ticket, click here to get it right now. You don’t want to miss out on any of the amazing ideas, inspiration and fun!

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