Google Classroom Time-Savers (GTT042)

Google Teacher Tribe

Google Teacher Tribe | Monday, February 12, 2018

Google Classroom Time-Savers (GTT042)

Google Classroom is already an amazing time saver. But how can we use it even more effectively? Check out these tips!

Google Classroom has helped tons of teachers around the world manage their classrooms and their assignments digitally — and it’s made our lives much easier in many ways.

There are ways, though, that we can make our Google Classroom lives even easier than that!

By employing some time savers in Google Classroom, we can provide feedback, connect with students, share resources and just manage our day-to-day digital lives more efficiently and effectively.

Kasey Bell of and I share some of our favorite Google Classroom time savers in this week’s episode.

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4:30 — Google news and updates

9:55 — Google Classroom time savers

26:15 — Google Teacher Tribe mailbag

  • (26:15) Lissa Brunan (Grand Valley State University): Gives extra credit for students, but in Google Classroom, can’t set points possible to zero … ungraded or at 1. Needs to offer extra credit thru GClass.
  • (28:40) Renee Johnson (Oakhurst California): Idea for collaborative project, get students voices out to promote change, brainstorm how to improve school, create a survey, anyone around school gives feedback, students analyze data and use charts, slide presentation for specific person to help make their ideas a reality, later take it to larger community.

32:00 — On the blogs

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