Answering big questions
about classroom tech use

When we try something new in our classrooms, it has to be a good fit in the big picture.

We have to remind ourselves what our "Why?" is and what our greater purpose is.

In this video, you'll hear several BIG questions related to fitting our tech use in the big picture, giving you some clarity on why we're using it.

In the comments below, tell us ...

  • What's your WHY for teaching?
  • What's the big picture for what you're teaching -- or why you're teaching?
  • What questions do you still have about using technology in the classroom?

If you'd like to take your tech use to the next level, keep an eye out for Video 4. There's a GREAT opportunity to take part in a project I've been working on.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

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