10 ideas from Google’s 2016 Education on Air Conference


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10 ideas from Google’s 2016 Education on Air Conference

Looking for ways to innovate in the classroom with Google tools? These videos will help! (Screenshot from educationonair.withgoogle.com)

Looking for ways to innovate in the classroom with Google tools? These videos will help! (Screenshot from educationonair.withgoogle.com)

Students and teachers are doing amazing things with Google tools in the classroom.

They’re collaborating. They’re creating. They’re sharing. They’re doing things that would be pretty tough — or impossible — without those tools.

Some people look at all that innovation and think, “That’s all well and good … but I can’t dream up all of those creative ideas.”

Fear not. You don’t have to.

Google for Education recently put on its 2016 Education on Air conference. For 24 hours, educators shared their best Google-infused classroom ideas in short video presentations. They’re all collected at the Education on Air website.

They’re all still available. And they all will be permanently.

(Well, it’s the internet. Nothing’s ever totally permanent on the Internet. Or it is … depending on if you want it to stay online or not!)

I’ve pulled together 10 of the most popular presentations from the Education on Air conference. Check out the summaries, and if you want to watch them, just click play on the video below.

(Make sure to check out the first one … the moderator for that one is a pretty cool guy! 🙂 )

Improving writing and research with G Suite for Education (Kasey Bell)

Google Suite for Education offers a variety of features to support writing skills. In this session we will explore using G Suite, Add Ons and Google Chrome extensions that allow teachers to not only give critical and timely feedback, but also leverage additional features and tools to enhance peer editing and collaboration, improve research skills and cite sources. (Click here for session resources)

Going Mobile with Google Classroom on iOS (Richard Lombardo)

Discover the power of using Google Classroom on iOS. Learn some best practices for integration in both a shared and 1:1 environment using iPads. (Note: You’ve got to at least check out the start of this one. Rich channels his inner Mr. Rogers!) (Click here for session resources)

Wicked soap company: an entrepreneurial approach to chemistry (Matt Martin)

Designing a soap company allowed 10th grade students to learn how to solve complex, real world problems. Learn how you can use the engineering design process & develop skills required to grow a business & create opps for your students to learn about how to make decisions to be successful in the real world. (Click here for session resources)

Google Slides – your new favorite publishing tool (Michelle Armstrong)

Google Slides are a fantastic tool when a presentation is required, but did you know Slides is also the answer to all of your publishing needs? This session will show you some tips and tricks for creating posters, banners, brochures and more! (Click here for session resources)

Effective Formative Assessment with Google Tools (Amy Mayer)

Assessment that informs teaching is a critical element for success in any classroom, but the monster of time often gets in the way of this effective strategy. Let’s discuss some effective ways to quickly assess whether our teaching strategies are working using Google tools. (Click here for session resources)

Hacking 1:1 with Google Tools (Kyle Brumbaugh)

How does teaching and learning change when every student has a device? What things can you do to get the most out of your devices and the powerful things they can do. Come and find out some of the things you can do to make your life easier and allow your students to become content creators and curators. (Click here for session resources.)

Love Forms but scared Sheets-less (Jay Atwood)

Teachers love Google Forms but often don’t go beyond the Summary of Responses when looking at the data. Let’s change that. We will explore some essential features in Sheets; the Explore tool and basic formulae. We will also check for student understanding using pivot tables. Soon you, too, will be a #sheetsgeek. (Click here for session resources)

Disrupting learning – Student perspectives (Anthony Speranza)

Inspired by Google’s 20% time, St Mark’s learners are given time to work on projects where they have choice and voice in their learning as they pursue their passions. This session will briefly describe the what, how, and why of our approach and will feature students giving their perspectives on learning this way. (Click here for session resources.)

Fantastic Feedback Tools for Google Docs (Eric Curts)

As educators we are always looking for better ways to connect with our students especially when providing feedback on their work. In this session we will explore four fantastic tools to provide feedback that is more detailed, engaging, and personal, including Google Doc text comments, voice comments with Read&Write for Google, video feedback with Screencastify, and natural handwriting feedback with the Google Classroom mobile app. (All session resources at: http://www.controlaltachieve.com/2016/09/docs-feedback-tools.html)

All the Answers in Google Sheets (Chrystal Hoe)

Many times we look at spreadsheets and it is scary. See how to easily manipulate data, how to make easy graphs and calculations, and learn a few tricks along the way! (Click here for session resources.)

[reminder]What did you learn from one of these sessions … or a different Education on Air session? What does G Suite / Google Apps empower in your classroom?[/reminder]

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