Broadcast with Podcasts: Summer 2013


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Podcast created at Ride the Wave of eLearning conference (Lafayette) June 19, 2013

Podcast created at the Peace Love and EdTech conference (Crawfordsville) July 1, 2013

Podcast created at Plymouth eQuip conference July 31, 2013

Podcast created at Lebanon Digital Shift conference Aug. 1, 2013

Podcast created at Lebanon Digital Shift conference Aug. 2 2013



Ditch the paper and call in assignments with Google Voice: Why I’m impressed with using Google Voice in the classroom

How to create a Google Voice account and how it incorporates student voice in class

15 classroom applications of Google Voice (similar to page 3 in handout)

Google Voice’s texting capabilities and how to harness its power



Ideas for Podcasting in the Classroom: The greatest value in this site is the selection of podcasting projects available in the links on the left. Check them out.

Learn how to use GarageBand: Are you a Mac user? If so, GarageBand is the way to go for digital audio editing. This site has hours of video to get you on the right track.

50 Podcasting Ideas for the Classroom: This 24-page PDF file includes some basics of podcasting and 50 ideas with explanations. Good resource.

Listening to Themselves: Podcasting Takes Lessons Beyond the Classroom: What podcasting is and how it’s been used by teachers

Podcasting in education: Are students as ready and eager as we think they are? : A journal article that, among other things, outlines some of the benefits and drawbacks of educational podcasting.



***FREE PGPs!!*** PRISM hosts regular online Moodle tutorial classes. Register for the site and go to “Event Registration”. There is a “Basic Moodle for Teachers” course being held this summer. It begins July 9, 2013 and runs until August 6. Completion of the class results in 10 free PGPs (certificate mailed). There is also an “Intermediate Moodle for Teachers” course that’s also worth 10 free PGPs available during the summer (one starting in early June and one starting in early July). Register for the site and go to “Event Registration” for more info or e-mail Ryan Smith (

How to use Keepvid to save YouTube videos to a file — A video tutorial on YouTube on how to save YouTube videos to a file, avoiding the need for an active Internet connection and avoiding the Internet security service at your school Keepvid — Direct link to the site. *** NOTE: DO NOT use the large “Download Now” or “Play Now” links. They are an advertisement and won’t download your file! Use the little gray “DOWNLOAD” button next to the bar where you paste in your URL. After clicking “Download”, right-click one of the links provided and choose “Save target as …”.



The video (at

RSA whiteboard video setup

My set-up for recording the video: whiteboard (the bigger, the better) and easel for holding iPad for recording (can use video camera or practically anything that records video).

Photo Jun 30, 11 06 26 PM (1)

How I planned the video (there was one more slide on the back).

The blog post that inspired me to start it all about making RSA Animate-style videos.

Free Music Archive: Where I got the music in the background (Creative Commons-licensed music that can be used without copyright violation)

Song: “Scenes from the Zoo” by Jahzzar