Mobile Learning with Google (GTT032)

Google Teacher Podcast

Google Teacher Podcast | Monday, November 27, 2017

Mobile Learning with Google (GTT032)

Mobile devices can be a great asset in the classroom — especially when working with Google tools. We share some ideas!

Students carry these high-tech devices to school in their pockets all the time.

Cell phones.

The mobile devices so many students are equipped with have plenty of processing power — and plenty of potential to amplify learning.

It’s so easy to shut them off. Put them in a shoe holder. Confine them to the lockers.

They can be a distraction. But sometimes, they’re the best tool for the job and the tool students are most comfortable with — even if we aren’t!

In this episode of the Google Teacher Tribe podcast, co-host Kasey Bell and I discuss using mobile devices in the classroom — and how Google tools factor into it. We have plenty of ideas and suggestions!

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