The ripple effect of a teacher: How far does it reach?


Teaching | Thursday, September 20, 2018

The ripple effect of a teacher: How far does it reach?

The words and actions you choose with students today can have far-reaching implications. How far do your ripples go?

As teachers, we make microdecisions in our classrooms constantly. We’re always analyzing and trying to do what’s right for our students.

In a short period of time, we might think …

  • Is she having a hard day? Maybe she needs a pat on the back and some encouragement.
  • He really seems to gravitate toward that topic. Maybe I can recommend a book.
  • I overheard her saying she has an important game tonight. I’ll wish her good luck.

We often forget those microdecisions right after we make them.

But the impact of them can last a lifetime.

They’re like the ripples in a pond. When you throw a rock in calm water, the ripples cascade outward and change the water for a long time.

Think about the ripples you’re creating with your students. They might reach further than you think.

Check out today’s video. It’s a quick one (less than three minutes). It shows how far your impact might be reaching.

Here’s the infographic used to create the video, in an image (below) and in this Google Drawings file. Feel free to use and share the image if you’d like. In fact, here’s a tweet you can retweet or share!

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