Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips allow us to take our students on adventures we never thought possible. We can take our students under the ocean, across the globe and even into space. But sometimes finding the right virtual field trip, or even finding a virtual field trip at all, can be time consuming. That's why we put together this growing database of virtual field trips you can take with your class!

There are two kinds of virtual field trips curated here. One is a virtual tour you can take with your students immediately. These are self guided and offer varying levels of information to accompany your virtual experience. These trips are listed with a green "Let's go!" button.

The second type of virtual field trip is one that you will set up ahead of time and often includes a guide from the destination that will walk you and your students through their virtual experience. These trips are listed with a blue "Set it up!" button.

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National Parks 


Famous Landmarks 


Zoos & Aquariums 

Historical Sites 

Planet Earth 

Theme Parks & Stadiums 

Getting Started with Virtual Field Trips

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National Parks

Some of the world's most beautiful national parks are open to us anytime through a virtual tour. Some virtual tours have additional information and videos and some even have recorded guides walking you through them. You can set up a guided virtual field trip with your class through the NPS or California PORTS program.

Take a Tour in Google Earth

Google Earth offers dozens of virtual tours, led by some of the world's leading storytellers, scientists and nonprofits. Explore stories and maps about sustainability, environment, and cultural preservation.


Students of all ages are intrigued by space exploration. Take them on a trip they could never take by bus. Virtually tour the international space station or set up a virtual field trip with NASA!

Google Earth Voyager Quiz: Space Exploration

Test your knowledge of milestones in the history of space travel and exploration.

Famous Landmarks

Take your students around the globe to visit the world's most famous landmarks. Climb Mt. Fuji, walk along the Great Wall of China or gaze up at the incredible Pyramids of Giza!

Google Maps Treks

Google Maps has offered these multimedia, immersive virtual excursions for years. They let your students get a firsthand glimpse at incredible destinations around the world. 


Many museums all of the world have opened their doors virtually to us. Visit the museums below or head over to this collection of 10 Museums You Can Explore Right Here, Right Now through Google Arts and Culture.

The British Museum

The Museum of the World

National Museum of Natural History

National Museum of Natural History

Boston Children's Museum Logo

Boston Children's Museum

Google Earth Voyager Quiz: Museums of the World

Test your knowledge about art, history and science museums all over the globe.

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Zoos and Aquariums

Some of our fondest memories are from field trips to the zoo or the aquarium. Many of our favorites have live cams or virtual field trips you can take from anywhere. 

Sea Turtle Hospital

Sea Turtle Hospital in Florida


The Elephant



Busch Gardens

Google Earth Voyager Quiz: Animals of the World

Test your knowledge about the creatures large and small that share our planet.

Historical Sites

Time travel isn't possible... yet but these virtual field trips and tours are just about as close as you can get! So why read about history when you can immerse yourself in a historical experience? Check out these virtual field trips below and visit even more destinations at

Theme Parks and Stadiums

From Disney parks to sports stadiums there are many exciting and fun places you can tour virtually even if you can't visit in person.

Visit our virtual field trips Wakelet Collection

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