How to make a curated collection of tweets with TweetDeck

Twitter chats are a whirlwind of good ideas. Educators tweet to a single Twitter hashtag, answering questions and sharing their best ideas. But when the Twitter chat is over, the ideas often disappear from our brains without a concrete way of harvesting those ideas. Many of us have used a service called Storify to gather […]

Tech Tuesday Screencast: WeVideo

Today’s Tech Tuesday Screencast is about WeVideo. WeVideo is a video creation tool that allows you to use photos, videos and audio to create your own video productions. You can add transitions, text and special effects to your production, then publish it to WeVideo, YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or Google Drive. Link to WeVideo: (For […]

Tech Tuesday: Google Hangout

Welcome to Tech Tuesday, where we take a look at a useful piece of educational technology and discuss some of its uses in the classroom and beyond. Today’s Tech Tuesday will divert from its usual screencast approach (partly for technical difficulties and partly to try something new) to present Google Hangout. Google Hangout features a […]

Tech Tuesday screencast: Choose Your Own Adventure stories

Choose Your Own Adventure stories allow readers to pick the course of the story they read. The story changes based on the decisions that they make. These stories can be great fun for students as wrap-up activities to stories they’ve read (how does the story progress from here?) or simply as a creative writing activity. […]

Tech Tuesday screencast: QR code scavenger hunt

Today’s Tech Tuesday screencast is about QR code scavenger hunts. A QR code scavenger hunt creates QR codes with text questions that appear when the QR code is scanned. The QR codes are hidden throughout the school, where students try to find them, scan them and answer the questions. offers a quick, easy QR […]

Tech Tuesday screencast: Feedly

Today’s Tech Tuesday screencast is about Feedly. Feedly is an RSS aggregator (aka a single place to gather articles and websites you want to read and share). It’s available for iOS (i.e. iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch), Android and the Firefox web browser. It’s very easy to use and you’ll be hooked on it! This Tech Tuesday […]

Tech Tuesday screencast:

Today’s Tech Tuesday screencast is about is a communication website that helps people stay connected through the Internet, email and text message. It allows groups of people to connect with each other instantly and easily. This Tech Tuesday screencast is brought to you by the Ditch That Textbook blog at Link to […]

Tech Tuesday screencast: Storybird

Today’s Tech Tuesday screencast is about Storybird. Storybird is a digital storytelling site where students can create stories, choose original artwork to accompany and share by emailing, embedding or via social media. It’s free and easy. Link to Storybird: (For notifications of new Ditch That Textbook content and helpful links, “like” Ditch That Textbook on Facebook and […]

Tech Tuesday screencast: TodaysMeet

Today’s Tech Tuesday screencast is about TodaysMeet. TodaysMeet is a backchannel site that allows a private text-based conversation to happen while another conversation/class/presentation occurs. It’s like a private chat or private Twitter. It’s very simple and can be used on practically any Internet-ready device. Link to TodaysMeet: (For notifications of new Ditch That Textbook […]

Tech Tuesday screencast: Class Dojo

Today’s Tech Tuesday screencast is about Class Dojo. Class Dojo is a great web app that serves as a behavior management system and a data-gathering tool for teachers. Teachers can set up their classes with a full roster of students and then add or deduct points for students’ positive or negative behaviors. Students and parents […]