Meet Synth, a classroom audio tool to amplify student voice

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Ed Tech | Thursday, October 25, 2018

Meet Synth, a classroom audio tool to amplify student voice

Help students start and maintain conversations online with classmates and others around the world with Synth.

As our world becomes increasingly tech-dependent, a fundamental question will be at the heart of everything we do …

How do we preserve our humanity?

Artificial intelligence is automating tasks in our lives. Messaging can be so easily misunderstood. And the amount of time we spend staring at a screen every day is a serious issue.

One way we can preserve what makes us uniquely human is conversation. Maintaining the art of conversation in an increasingly digital world is crucial for all of us. But it will be a critical issue for coming generations.

I’ve found a digital tool that can help students create audio and interact with each other digitally. It’s called Synth (

Why use a digital tool to have conversations? Well, nothing beats a face-to-face conversation, but Synth can amplify those conversations by …

  • Preserving them for future listening
  • Let others in the conversation that can’t be with you face-to-face
  • Allow replies to come in at any time, continuing the conversation longer than face-to-face time can
  • Making recordings searchable

In this video, I share some of the features of this tool and how it can be used in the classroom.

Check it out, and feel free to use the time stamps below to skip forward to the parts you really want to watch!

0:35 — Why voice is so important

1:50 — What is Synth?

2:43 — A look at Synth on the screen

3:59 — Transcribe your conversations

4:48 — Leave audio comments AND text comments

5:17 — Users don’t have to have an account to participate

5:58 — Safeguards for students under 16

6:52 — Synth recordings can be embedded in websites

7:17 — Getting student recordings to other people and listening

8:28 — How to use Synth in the classroom

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