10 ways to generate great lesson ideas


Teaching | Thursday, September 6, 2018

10 ways to generate great lesson ideas

Ever struggle coming up with innovative lesson ideas? Here are some suggestions to prime your brain and get your creative juices flowing.

I’ll bet you’ve been there before. Seated at your desk. Staring at a blank page in your lesson plan book. Or looking at a blank document on your screen, the cursor blinking as if it’s mocking you for being stuck.

Trying to come up with great teaching ideas is tough! It’s especially tough when you put yourself on the spot to do it on command.

In more than a decade of lesson planning, I’ve found that a handful of things helped prime my creative capacities to kick start some ideas for great class experiences.

In this video, I share 10 ways to generate great lesson ideas.

Check out the time stamps below the video, and feel free to skip forward to the parts you want to watch the most!

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0:35 — Incorporate stories

1:17 — Use images

1:47 — Incorporate pop culture

2:16 — Think about the experience

2:59 — Incorporate a good essential question

3:57 — Tap into students’ favorite apps

4:57 — Step away from the keyboard

5:44 — Move! Get your body into motion

6:35 — Disconnect and plug into something else

7:45 — Turn to other educators

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