A new start for Ditch That Textbook


Teaching | Saturday, February 16, 2013

A new start for Ditch That Textbook

After starting this blog last year and sticking with it for about two months, I realized something about blogging.

It’s hard. Well, regularly blogging is hard.

Recently, I have learned that my passion to share ideas and tools to help teachers rely less on their textbooks is as strong as ever. I love writing. I graduated with a journalism degree from Indiana State University and worked for several Indiana daily newspapers before transitioning to teaching. I really enjoy combining my joy of writing with my love of teaching creatively and using technology in the classroom.

So, my esteemed reader, here are my intentions for this blog going forward. I’m hoping to post twice a week: on Mondays and Thursdays. In fact, my first two posts are already written and scheduled to post as I type this message.

My focus, as it states in the subheading of this blog, is to help teachers rely less on their textbooks and to think outside of the box. Technology is a great tool for that, but it’s not the only tool. Therefore, I’ll be talking about other ways to ditch a textbook. It could be ditching the “textbook definition” as practiced by many teachers. It could be creative teaching or curriculum planning ideas. I’m a techy teacher at heart, but my intention is for this blog to be bigger than an edtech site.

I’m trying to get in the swing with Twitter (@jmattmiller), posting links to sites, new Ditch That Textbook blog posts and general musings on a regular basis. Those are also available on the Ditch That Textbook Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/ditchthattextbook). I’d be honored if you’d follow me on Twitter and like the Facebook page.

Please feel free to cruise around the site and check out my previous posts. Leave a comment about anything that strikes your fancy and I’ll be happy to reply with one of my own.

Feel free to contact me via e-mail at jmattmiller16 @ gmail . com about the blog or teaching in general. I’d love to hear your thoughts and engage in some dialogue on how we all can “Ditch That Textbook”!

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