Google Classroom

Google Classroom

You can do SO much more you can do with Google Classroom

Google classroom is great for speed, simplicity, and efficiency but not all functions are easy to get at first and even if you’re a pro there are always new updates and features we need to dive into. So we have compiled our best Google Classroom resources into one ultimate resource to get you geared up and ready for a great year.

Google Classroom 101

If you or your students are new to Google Classroom you may be looking for tutorials that will show you the basics of Google Classroom and show you how to get started. 

Our Google Classroom is just like our regular classroom in many ways. Our Google Classroom management is extremely important and can save us a lot of time (and headache) if we manage it correctly!

There are SO many apps that play very nicely with Google Classroom! Some of these apps are Google tools and can be shared with students easily. Other apps are made to work with Google Classroom to make creation and collaboration for you and your students easy peasy.

Even after years of using Google Classroom there are still SO many undiscovered ways to it. Check out our favorite tips, tricks and tutorials for making the MOST out of Google Classroom.

Google Classroom Basics

The Google Classroom Quick-Start Guide ebook cover

The Google Classroom quick-start guide

Google Classroom makes organizing and managing all of your Google Apps activities streamlined and easy. Set it up in minutes.

This guide will show you how to set Google Classroom up in a matter of minutes and perform the main tasks. It will even address a few things Classroom will NOT do, as it’s not a fully-featured learning management system.

Managing your Google Classroom

3 easy strategies to organize your Google Classroom

3 easy strategies to organize your Google Classroom

Is your Google Classroom a mess? An organizational disaster? Use these three strategies to get a handle on it!

10 easy ways to clean up your Google Classroom

As the school year comes to an end we begin clean and organize. Our Google Classrooms are no exception. Here are 10 easy ways to clean up your Google Classroom.

10 tips to use Google Classroom effectively and efficiently

10 tips to use Google Classroom effectively and efficiently

Google Classroom can be even more powerful with a few tips and strategies to make it efficient and effective.

How to manage Google Classroom like a boss with notifications

How to manage Google Classroom like a boss with notifications

Notifications can make you more streamlined and less overwhelmed in Google Classroom. They're easy to manage too. 

Apps that work with Google Classroom

Google apps to use within Google Classroom

Jamboard Logo


You can find Jamboard by going to Jamboard app is a fantastic tool for learning in face to face environments and for virtual/remote learning. 


Slides really are powerful tools for delivering interactive user experiences. They can  create visually stimulating products to deliver a message and valuable content.


Google Drawings is like a digital posterboard. It has a few things you can add: text, images, shapes and lines. That’s it, which makes the learning curve pretty low for students.

Google Forms logo


Google Forms lets you create a survey with lots of different kinds of questions. You can distribute these surveys to anyone  and track the data in the form or through a spreadsheet.

Apps to use with Google Classroom


If you use Google Classroom, Screencastify is pure gold. Saving videos to your educational Google Drive account and sharing them to Classroom is so easy.

Kahoot logo


 In a standard Kahoot! game, questions are displayed to students on a projector or display. Students respond on their own devices. There are multiple ways to play.

green plus


Flipgrid is a video response platform where educators can have online video discussions with students or other educators. Teachers can provide feedback to students AND better yet students can respond to one another.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark lets students smash together various forms of media into creations (images, web pages and videos) that are so cool, they’ll want to show their friends and family. 

Do MORE with Google Classroom

Google Classroom: How to differentiate like a ninja

Google Classroom has lots of features that let you assign to small groups or even individual students. See how you can use them along with other ideas to start differentiating like a ninja in your class.

How to use Kahoot with Google Classroom and Google Meet

Using Kahoot! with Google Classroom and Google Meet makes it possible to play engaging games anywhere with your class.

Using Google Classroom with Kahoot!

Google Classroom (still) to the rescue: Blogging, vlogging, and podcasting

The world doesn’t just have bloggers and writers. There are more and more podcasts hitting the air, and vlogging is huge too. So how do we use that in our classrooms? Google Classroom to the rescue AGAIN!

Google Classroom (still) to the rescue: Blogging, vlogging, and podcasting

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Do MORE with Google Classroom

Do More with Google Classroom. 

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