Social media tips, books and more (#DitchPod wrap-up)

DTT podcast #DitchPod

DTT podcast #DitchPod | Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Social media tips, books and more (#DitchPod wrap-up)

Social media can be a catalyst to a teacher and a classroom. But it can also drain your time. We discuss that and more in this week’s #DitchPod wrap-up!

Social media can be a deep, wide reservoir of ideas and inspiration in the classroom.

But at some point, it can make a huge shift in effectiveness. The way we use it can go from transformation to entertainment. It can eat up hours of our lives without actually changing our practice.

How can we make the most of the power of social media on the classroom?

This week’s episodes of the Ditch That Textbook podcast cover that and other topics, including:

  • How to study more effectively
  • How to make super fun animated GIF images yourself
  • How to save tons of time with voice typing
  • An interesting book, How to Fix the Future

Scroll down to hear these episodes below!

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008 — Studying the way the brain craves

So often, we encourage students to study by putting info into their brains by re-reading notes and chapters. But brain science tells us it’s more effective if we study by pulling info FROM our brains. A great strategy for this is the digital brain dump.

009 — Personally-created GIFs can make your students’ day

GIFs are super fun. They’re those moving image files you see all over social media. There’s this fun tool you can use to record your own animated GIFs with your webcam. Add them to student work for feedback, to a class website, to Google files … almost anywhere!

010 — Educators: Do this, DON’T do that in social media

Twitter is the BEST thing that happened to my teaching career. It really saved it. However, there’s a balance to be maintained, and if we’re careful, Twitter (and other social media) can consume our lives instead of help them.

011 — How voice typing can free up your teaching life

I believe in voice typing! Also called dictation, it’s when you speak and your device converts it to text. It’s SO much faster than typing with your fingers (or thumbs). Imagine what you could do if you got through your emails or other work just a little faster …

012 — A fascinating read: How to Fix the Future

How to Fix the Future is a book by Andrew Keen, a self-proclaimed Internet pessimist. He’s written five books about how destructive technology has been to our lives, but this book is an optimistic one about how we can act more responsibly for a brighter digital future. It’s a great fit if you use or talk about technology in your classroom and/or personal life. (I think that covers most of us …)

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