Student connections WORLDWIDE: Practical ideas to get started

DTT podcast #DitchPod

DTT podcast #DitchPod | Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Student connections WORLDWIDE: Practical ideas to get started

Video calls and technology can bring experts in other countries and researchers in Antarctica to your classroom. Here’s how to make it happen.

Genny Kahlweiss, a teacher in southern California, wanted more for her students … more than she could provide for them.

She started digging into resources at to get her students connected to experts and new places with video calls. She had no idea how far it would take her students — or their work.

They found researchers at a research station in Antarctica. Her students talked directly to the researchers in a Skype call.

Then, they created a flag and sent it to Antarctica to be flown over the research facility. It stayed up for a few days — longer than normal and almost long enough to have the flag blown off the flagpole!

In episode 23, Genny says the experience for her students was unforgettable, and it’s not a hard experience to create or even replicate. Mike Drezek echoes her sentiments in episode 24 about his students connecting with an entrepreneur in India.

Check out this week of episodes to see what YOU and YOUR students can do!

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023 — Introducing your students to penguins and Antarctica

Genny Kahlweiss’s students sent a flag to a research station in Antarctica, where it was flown for three days. They video chatted with scientists and named penguins. How cool! How did she do it? She shares how YOU could do these things, too! (Genny’s Twitter: @kahlweiss)

024 — Student connections all over the world

Mike Drezek connected students to India. Those students’ worldview was widened. How can you make similar connections? It may be easier than you think. Mike shares some ideas. (Mike’s Twitter: @m_drez)

025 — Where to start with AR and VR in class

Augmented reality and virtual reality are becoming a reality for classrooms. Mike Drezek shares some cool ways teachers can start incorporating this cutting-edge technology in class for little to no money. (Mike’s Twitter: @m_drez)

026 — Bringing a hip hop program to middle school

How can hip hop influence and inspire students at a middle school in Bronx, NY? The effects can be farther-reaching than you might think. Listen as a principal, musician and filmmaker combine to influence student lives. More info:

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