The juice that makes Flipgrid even better (#DitchPod wrap-up)

DTT podcast #DitchPod

DTT podcast #DitchPod | Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The juice that makes Flipgrid even better (#DitchPod wrap-up)

By encouraging speaking skills in students, the video responses they create in Flipgrid can be even more powerful. Learn about that and more in this #DitchPod wrap-up!

Educators have incorporated Flipgrid video discussions into their classes all over the world. Flipgrid Fever is a real thing and students are responding.

There’s a way to help students have more success with their Flipgrid videos, though.

I recently dug into Erik Palmer’s Well Spoken, a book encouraging teachers to support students in developing their speaking skills.

When Flipgrid is combined with Palmer’s PVLEGS approach to speaking, their Flipgrid videos can have even more power.

This week’s episodes of the Ditch That Textbook podcast cover that and other topics, including:

  • A research-backed tip to help students develop growth mindset
  • How to deal with the “afternoon dip” — and help your students deal
  • A new take on creating student work in G Suite (Google Apps)

(PS: If you’re a Flipgrid fan, stay tuned to the podcast this week — I’ll interview Joey Taralson and Adam Parker-Goldberg with awesome Flipgrid implementation ideas! Show will air Friday, March 23, 2018.)

Scroll down to hear these episodes below!

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013 — A small nudge toward growth mindset

Many of us know of “growth mindset” as the idea of “yet” — I can’t do it *yet*. But there are other small adjustments we can make in the classroom to help students better develop growth mindset.

014 — The fear of the blinking cursor

Have you ever started a project and got stuck before you ever got started? There are some things we can do to help students overcome that obstacle and get started.

015 — The juice that makes Flipgrid even more powerful

We spend so much time helping students with their writing skills. Giving them some guidance on speaking can have huge benefits. Here’s a model for it, and it works GREAT with Flipgrid.

016 — Our digital work doesn’t have to be 8.5″ x 11″

With online documents and slides, we often stick to the status quo for size. If certain work isn’t going to be printed — or displayed on a projector — why do we keep it in traditional letter size? Here’s a case for rethinking our digital working spaces.

017 — The afternoon dip, and how it affects students

There’s a trough in our thinking abilities in the afternoon. It can have a profound effect: as much as having a couple alcoholic drinks. How can we position students to succeed — in class and on standardized tests?

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