50 ways to make your lessons interactive

#DitchBook Twitter chat

#DitchBook Twitter chat | Saturday, December 14, 2019

50 ways to make your lessons interactive

50 ways to make your lessons interactive
50 ways to make your lessons interactive

Students benefit when we create lessons where they can interact with the content. What makes a lesson truly interactive? And how can we leverage the tools we have available to make our lessons more interactive. 

When we provide students with interactive lessons they are immersed in the content and take an active role in their learning.

Interactive lessons stick. They increase engagement and get everyone in on the learning. They are the lessons we all remember.

In a Ditch That Textbook guest blog post, Joe and Kristin Merrill shared 5 ideas for creating an interACTIVE classroom. They say that we as teachers need to start including a variety of techniques when it comes to reaching students and creating a truly interACTIVE class.

How do we make our classroom environment more interactive?  How do we transform those worksheets into an interactive lesson? And what tools can we use to create lessons that are responsive? 

Back in November of 2018 Joe and Kristin joined us for a Ditchbook Twitter chat all about creating an interactive classroom. Lucky for us the Merrills returned to moderate a recent chat all about transforming out classrooms into an interactive experience. As always the #Ditchbook community did not disappoint! Between both chats educators shared 50 ways to make your lessons interactive.

Scroll down to see ALL of these amazing ideas in the collection below! 

Looking for MORE resources on creating an interACTIVE classroom? You're in luck! Joe and Kristin have a brand new book coming out called The InterACTIVE classroom. Check out the tweet below for more information,

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50 ways to make your lessons interActive

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