Ditch Summit

The CUE Craft #DitchSummit.
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The CUE Craft #DitchSummit is a FREE virtual event in July and August. It brings together some of the brightest minds in education to discuss technology, pedagogy and more.

New video presentations will become available from July 25-29. You can automatically generate a FREE certificate for professional development credits for each video you watch.

Videos will be available until August 10 when the summit ends. The lights go out and the videos become unavailable after that. So don't miss it!

What to Expect

Just like a teacher conference. Wherever and whenever you want. (Pajamas and couch optional.)
The CUE Craft #DitchSummit offers you eight great presentations from July 25-29.

The videos will be available until Aug. 10. Like any other conference, when it's over, it's over and the videos will disappear

Get your ticket.
Sign up. Your ticket will get you emails the morning of every new speaker with a link to go watch.
Watch the videos.
Speaker videos last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. They're practical and inspirational, from hand-picked education leaders.
Download the notes.
Each video is accompanied by a PDF notes page summarizing the message. Download the notes, share, and keep them as long as you want.
Get PD credits.
When you've completed a presentation, generate a certificate of completion you can submit to your school/district for credit.

Get back to the craft of teaching.

It's easy to be wowed by the bells and whistles of new technology. But does it all lead to more learning?

The CUE Craft #DitchSummit focuses on the craft of teaching -- pedagogy. Summit presenters will equip teachers with strategies to boost engagement, create greater efficiency, stimulate higher order thinking skills, and more.

Imagine integrating autonomy, choice and motivation in a whole new way.

That's the heart of the CUE Craft #DitchSummit and #OpenPedagogy.

Enjoy these phenomenal presenters ...

Click the link to go right to these presentations and start watching!


Solid Teaching Craftsmanship for EVERYONE with Jon Corippo & Cate Tolnai (Crafty CUE Crafters)

Practical, Powerful, Pedagogically-Charged Teaching with Jennifer Gonzalez (THE “Cult of Pedagogy”)


Powerful Digital Learning with HyperDocs with Lisa Highfill, Kelly Hilton, & Sarah Landis (HyperDocs Gals)


Dynamic, Google-Powered Learning with Kasey Bell (Shaker-Upper of Learning)

The Purpose of Classroom Creativity with Ben Forta (Designer, Developer, and Media Master)


Transformational Learning Space Design with Rebecca Hare (Design and Learning Space Dreamer)


Helping ELL Students Succeed with Tech and Tips with Martin Cisneros (EL Maestro Extraordinaire)

FREE Open Educational Resources for ALL with Kristina Ishmael (Queen of OER)
... and your host, Matt Miller of Ditch That Textbook!

All videos will be available to watch until August 10, when the summit closes. Don't have any regrets ... watch early and watch often!

Enjoy these phenomenal presenters ...

All videos will be available to watch until August 10, when the summit closes. Don't have any regrets ... watch early and watch often!

About Ditch Summit

A free, online virtual conference for educators by educators.

Eight presentations

available from July 25 to August 10.

Follow along and participate in the fun on Twitter using the #DitchSummit hashtag.

PD in your PJs
Watch the videos wherever and whenever you'd like while the summit is open.