Awesome teacher summer: PD bingo choice board

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Professional development | Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Awesome teacher summer: PD bingo choice board

Summer is a great time to learn what YOU want to learn. This PD bingo choice board gives you LOTS of options!

Summer is a time for rejuvenation and relaxation. It’s a time to focus on our lives outside of education and recharge.

It is also the perfect opportunity to focus on ourselves both professionally and personally. So many of us, as educators, look forward to summer as a time to do the things we didn't have time to do during the school year. That includes learning some new tips, tricks and ideas for the next school year.

Whether it’s through a conference, online course, reading, or catching up on all of those podcasts you haven’t had time to listen to yet. The long break can leave us time to focus on our own learning.

Ditch That Textbook Summer PD BINGO

That's why we created this interactive summer PD BINGO board. Each of the links takes you to a the PD resource. Many even have certificates of completion or badges that you can earn!

You may want to just try some short tutorials to learn about a new app or tool or you may be looking for a full online course. Whatever you're looking for, we've got you covered!

In this bingo board, you'll find a mixture of edtech tools, Google tools, Microsoft tools, and non-tech resources. We tried to vary it as widely as possible to reach everyone -- and to help you broaden your horizons.

This bingo board is customizable! Make a copy of the document where it was created. Just click "use template" to create your own copy. Then change out links and images to suit your needs. Share it with other educators that would enjoy playing along!

Be sure to scroll down for more details and links for all 24 options on the bingo board. PLUS be sure to scroll down all the way to the end to see an entire collection of FREE conferences and events that you can take part in over the summer!

This summer PD bingo board gives you lots of FREE options to improve your practice!

Want to use the board as is? Click here for the PDF version of our 2021 Summer PD BINGO board.

Looking for last year's BINGO board? Click here for the 2020 version!

Screencastify master screencaster

1. Master the Screencast with Screencastify

Screencastify, the screen recording tool, offers a one-hour course covering the basics of Screencastify and popular ways to use video with students, colleagues, and parents. Click here to start the course!

seesaw icon

2. Learn the ins and outs of Seesaw

Seesaw, a learning platform with sharing and video recording, offers several mini trainings to get you up to speed. Click here to view the trainings!

3. Explore the Soundtrap Summit

The Soundtrap Summit helps educators learn how to empower their students and, in turn, helps to create the future world we envision. Check out content from our previous Summits and stay tuned for announcements regarding our next EDU Summit! Click here to get your free registration!

kahoot certified bronze badge

4. Get Kahoot! certified

Kahoot!, the gamified review app, offers a free program to become a "certified teacher of awesome." Earn professional development credits!  Click here to get started!

Pear deck logo

5. Get started with Pear Deck 101

Pear Deck, the tool that makes presentation slides interactive, provides this pre-recorded webinar to get you up to speed!  Click here to view the webinar!

6. Teach creativity with Adobe & Khan Academy

Infuse creativity into your classroom with these FREE Adobe, Khan Academy, and Pixar in a Box lessons, activities, and projects. Learn from expert teachers and  get access over 100 FREE lesson plans, activities, and projects.   Click here to get started!

View all Adobe Education Exchange courses here

wakelet badge

7. Learn to Surf the 5 C's with Wakelet

Harness the power of the 5 C's -- collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication and curation -- with this course.   Click here to get started!

Be sure to sign up for Wakelet Community week June 7-11th or catch the recap if you missed it!

microsoft onenote badge

8. Get started with Microsoft OneNote

OneNote lets you create flexible digital notebooks. This course shows you the basics in organizing, creating, and sharing. Click here to get started!

See all of the courses in the Microsoft Education Center here.

flipgrid certified educator badge

9. Become a Flipgrid Certified Educator

Flipgrid, the video response platform, offers the "Engage and Amplify with Flipgrid" course. Learn the basics and ideas for using Flipgrid.  Click here to get started!

See all of the courses in the Microsoft Education Center here.

10. Enroll in the Adobe Creative Educator course

Get the tools, the skills, and the motivation you need to start teaching more creatively -- and to foster creativity in your students. Enroll in the Creativity for All course on the Adobe Education Exchange. Complete the course and earn your Adobe Creative Educator Level 1 badge. Click here to enroll for FREE!

Learn more about the Adobe Creative Educator program here.

11. Learn to create more accessible content

Lots of tools available through Windows and Office can make make learning more accessible for all students. Learn how to create accessible content for your class, so all learning styles can benefit.  Click here to get started!  Be sure to check out their accessibility templates too.

Take a tour of Microsoft learning tools like Immersive Reader, live captions and subtitles in PowerPoint.

12. Make the most of Microsoft Teams

This course is an  overview of Microsoft Teams for the classroom. Your instructors, Matt Miller of Ditch That Textbook and Holly Clark of The Infused Classroom will take you through Teams by looking at it from an educational point of view and offering examples of how to create a powerful learning hub. Click here to take the course. 

Looking for more basic Teams training? Click here to get started!

13. Get Google Workspace fundamentals

By reading, watching videos, and doing activities, you'll learn how to integrate Google tools in your classroom. By the end of this course, you'll be ready to take the exam to become a Google Certified Educator Level 1.  Click here to get started!

Looking for basic Google tool trainings? Click here for product specific tutorials.

14. Take a Digital Citizenship and Safety course

Learn how you and your students can help create a safe and positive experience online. Discover how to integrate Digital Citizenship and Safety activities like those in Be Internet Awesome into your classroom curriculum. Click here to get started!

Find all Google Workspace teacher technology trainings here.

student mental health matters from teaching tolerance

15. Watch a webinar on student mental health

This webinar focuses on challenges students face regarding mental health, including how those challenges can vary depending on their intersecting identities.  Click here to get started!

See all Learning for Justice webinars here.

teaching sdgs and we schools badge

16. Learn about teaching SDGs

Sustainable Develpoment Goals (SDGs) can help our work at school have a deeper meaning. This course helps you add service learning to your class.  Click here to get started!

See all of the courses in the Microsoft Education Center here.

17. Explore infusing Adobe Spark in the classroom

Creating great images, pages and video can spark students’ interest in learning. Adobe Spark makes that possible for free. In this course learn how students can quickly and easily present information in professional, catchy and creative ways. Click here to get started!

View all Adobe Education Exchange courses here.

18. Take your presentations to the next level with genially

This introduction course will show you how get started with genially. Learn how to access the templates, add animation and interactivity and publish beautiful content. Click here to get started!

Access all of the genially academy courses here.

microsoft dyslexia training badge

19. Learn more about dyslexia

This course will provide essential insights into dyslexia, which all educators should have. It includes tips for creating a dyslexia-inclusive classroom. Click here to get started!

See all of the courses in the Microsoft Education Center here.

20. Learn more about trauma-responsive education

This webinar from Learning for Justice will help you gain understanding of trauma and how it affects learning and relationships at school. This webinar focuses on the effects of trauma on students and teachers. Click here to view the webinar.

See all Learning for Justice webinars here.

21. Take a computer science fundamentals course

In this course  you'll develop your own understanding of computer science while preparing to teach it in your classroom. This course is interactive and includes readings, videos, and interactive puzzles to reflecting on your learning, Click here to start the course!

Looking for more computer science courses? Check out these options through the Microsoft Education Center including courses on Minecraft and physical computing.

22. Embark on an anti-racism journey for educators

This learning path helps empower educators to be courageous and confident in their journey to work towards dismantling racism in their classroom and beyond. Educators will deeply question power, privilege, and fragility and will work to interrupt those teaching practices that marginalize, isolate, and exclude our BIPOC students. Click here to enroll.

23. Enroll in Drawing for Beginners 

Designed for those who say "I can't even draw a stick figure!" this course will help you learn how to communicate your ideas clearly through sketches. Click here to start the course!

tech like a pirate 3d cover

24. Get FREE Tech Like a PIRATE resources

Before Tech Like A Pirate was published we started pulling together tons of free resources. This pages includes tons of templates, tips, tutorials and ideas to use with your class right away. Click here to get all of the resources!

BONUS 🎉 Even MORE free PD!

We recently shared this tweet asking the Ditch That Textbook community to share even MORE free conferences and events taking place this summer and WOW did they share a TON!  Scroll through the collection embedded below or click here to open the entire Wakelet in a new tab. There is definitely something for everyone!

What was your experience with any of these? Have any resources you'd add to the list? Please share your thoughts in a comment below!

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