10+ FREE EduProtocol templates + ideas for using them


Templates | Tuesday, April 27, 2021

10+ FREE EduProtocol templates + ideas for using them

What teacher doesn’t want to save themselves time and teach better? It’s finding those low-prep, high-return activities that we can use right away that can be challenging. That’s where EduProtocols come in.

EduProtocols, created by Jon Corippo and Marlena Hebern, are a series of lesson frames that are easy to adapt to any subject or grade. And the amazing part is that many of their templates are absolutely FREE!

So what exactly ARE EduProtocols? Watch the video below for a short walkthrough.

Ready to get started?

In a past #Ditchbook chat, guest moderators Jon and Marlena, creators of EduProtocols and authors of The EduProtocol Field Guide Series, showered us with loads of FREE resources. And of course, the #Ditchbook community shared tons of great tips, ideas, and resources of their own!

Below you will find more than 10 FREE EduProtocol templates. Plus scroll down for tips and ideas for using EduProtocols in your classroom.

Ready to dive in even deeper?

 The EduProtocol Field Guide: Book 1 contains 16 Student-Centered Lesson Frames for Infinite Learning Possibilities. In The EduProtocol Field Guide: Book 2, Jon and Marlena share 12 new lesson frames for even more engagement! Get the books here!

10+ FREE EduProtocol templates


The Fast and Curious EduProtocol

Repetition-based worksheet homework frustrates teachers and students alike. It often struggles to get results and you never know who’s doing the work. Plus, the feedback to students comes very, very late.

There’s an alternative. Try the Fast and the Curious EduProtocol, an idea from Marlena Hebern and Jon Corippo’s book, “The EduProtocol Field Guide.” It provides students with timely feedback. It’s fun. It gives great repetitions. In short: it works!

Check out this video that gives you the step-by-step instructions on how to use it and why it works.

Three additional points from EduProtocols author Jon Corippo:

— This is a pedagogy that applies to any kind of instant CFU product (Kahoot with groups, GoFormative to draw answers, Socrative with open ended questions). The pedagogy of “test light, feedback, test again” daily functions in other apps.

— I’m going to go until we hit 95 percent. On a tough week, that might be on Thursday on the second round. On an easy week, that might be Tuesday on the first round. I’m getting more than one day back!

— The repetitions are important! If a student gets them right the first time, we should be able to get them done faster the second time. It’s like shooting a three-point shot in basketball. You can’t make one and say, “I’ve got it!” It takes repetitions.


The Random Emoji Generator Power Paragraph

Begin by starting Socrative short answer quiz then using this random emoji generator give kids ONE Emoji at a time, up to five total. The first emoji is the idea that is to be pursued. Then students type their sentences in-one-at-a-time in Socrative.

When kids have five sentences in, they submit. Then they vote.

The Emoji Power Paragraph for Seesaw

Check out this Seesaw version of the emoji power paragraph by Jennifer Dean. It's a perfect way to use the emoji power paragraph with littles.


Cyber Sandwich

Cyber Sandwich EduProtocol

In the Cyber Sandwich EduProtocol students work in partners through a structured pair share as they read through content, pair share, then write. You can learn more about the Cyber Sandwich and how it works in this Cyber Sandwich EduProtocol tutorial video.


Iron Chef

Iron Chef eduprotocol

Iron Chef is modeled after the Iron Chef cooking show. Students will engage in a gamified jigsaw that makes covering content and presenting to peers fun! Check out Eduprotocols Worldwide 1 Iron Chef Second Session where Meghan Cannon and Heather Marshall share tons of ways you can use this EduProtocol in your class.



8 parts eduprotocol

Quick, easy, and fun way to learn grammar. Learn more about 8*pArts in Eduprotocols Live with Lisa Moe and 8pArts

Teaching younger kiddos? Check out Eduprotocols Worldwide 1 8*pARTs for Early Years with Lisa Moe and Eduprotocols Worldwide 1 Jennifer Dean & 2 8*pARTS for K-3.


Sentence p*ARTS

Sentence p*ARTS is an expansion of 8p*ARTS and focuses on developing better writing skills.


Sketch & Tell

With the sketch and tell EduProtocol students develop understanding of concepts through drawing and explaining. Want to know more about Sketch & Tell? Check out Eduprotocols Live - Sketch and Tell with Adam Moler.



BookaKucha puts a new and exciting spin on your basic, boring book report. Use BookaKucha to monitor independent reading progress while connecting back to skills learned in class. 

BookaKucha can be a powerful tool in any classroom. Read more about this EduProtocol and how Heather Marshall incorporated it into her middle school class in her post The BookaKucha.


Frayer a Friend

During the first few weeks of school use this EduProtocol to build community and learn more about each other. Get the directions for Frayer a Friend here and watch theEduprotocols Worldwide 1 The Frayer Model video below to see how teacher Brian Fish using the Frayer model with high school students.


EduProtocols Smart Start

EduProtocols Smart Start

Ready to have the first four days of school planned for you? The Smart Start includes links to directions for each EduProtocol plus TONS of FREE templates! Learn more about Smart Start in this video What is Smart Start?

eduprotocol logo

10 ideas for using EduProtocols with your class

1. Use Smart Start at the beginning of the year, after a long break and again to finish the year strong!

2. Use the Cyber Sandwich to (GASP) summarize the textbook!

3. Combine Cyber Sandwich with VR to level up the experience.

4. Study social interactions with Iron Chef.

5. Level up the emoji paragraph with fake text messages.

6. Practice phonics patterns with the random emoji generator.

7. Combine Quizlet Live with the Fast and Curious EduProtocol.

8. Combine Math Reps and Jamboard for engaging math activities anywhere!

9. Incorporate BookaKucha into small group guided reading and literature circles.

10. Use Sketch and Tell after a read aloud.

More EduProtocols!

Scroll through this Wakelet of over 50 collections of EduProtocol resources! You'll find more templates, video tutorials, tips, ideas and tons of inspiration.

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