10 things you didn’t know you could do with Google Arts and Culture

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Ed Tech | Thursday, February 3, 2022

10 things you didn’t know you could do with Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts and Culture is a massive collection of videos and images of cultural artifacts from over 2,000 museums around the world. But virtually visiting art exhibits is just one of the many things you can do with Google Arts and Culture. From virtually displaying life-sized art inside your house to playing in a blob opera, Google Arts and Culture runs an impressive gamut of ways to explore cultural from your own home or classroom.

The Google Arts and Culture App

There are many things you can do with web version but there is even MORE to explore when you download the Arts and Culture App available for Android and IOS.  

Once you download the app, find the camera. There, you can open up the menu of tools you can use with your mobile device's camera. 

Looking for some fun offline art adventure activities?

Google Arts and Culture partnered with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to bring you a downloadable activity book filled with coloring games, connect the dots and mazes.

Here are 10 things you didn't know you could do with Google Arts and Culture.

1. Explore pocket galleries

With the Google Arts and Culture app, you can explore some of the world's best art right from your own home or classroom. Pocket galleries use augmented reality to allow you to wander through a virtual art exhibit. Learn how to discover a virtual gallery in your pocket. 

2. Color famous artwork

One of the fun Google Arts and Culture experiments is the Art Coloring Book. Choose from many famous images to color. You can download and print the image to color or paint offline or you can color the image digitally using the creative canvas. You can share your finished artwork on social media or directly to Google Classroom.

3. Take an art selfie

Have you ever wondered which artwork looks like you? Well you can find out with the Art Selfie interactive experience in the Google Arts and Culture app. Just install the app, take a selfie and you will search through thousands of pieces of art to see if any look like you.

4. Play in a blob opera

A ridiculously fun machine learning experiment by David Li, the blob opera lets you create, record and share your own opera song. Absolutely no music experience required! 

Pair this with a tour of 11 dramatic stages around the world for an opera-inspired activity for tomorrow. 

5. Go on a Google Expedition

Google Expeditions aren't gone! They have just been moved to Google Arts and Culture. You can explore by subject or location, search for answers, explore art or architecture from around the world and more.  The best part? You can now take an expedition using ANY device! Learn more with this How to use Expeditions on Google Arts and Culture guide.

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6. Do the cultural 5

Get a daily dose of creativity with the Cultural 5  from Christopher Bailey, Arts & Health Lead at the World Health Organization. Watch this video to learn more about the role the arts play in health and wellness.

7. Take an (augmented) reality check

Augmented Reality lets you project 3D models of animals, artwork, artifacts, dinosaurs and more using your camera phone and the Arts and Culture App.  Try projecting a piece of artwork on your wall, bring  a deer into your garden, put a crustacean in your bathtub, and more!

8. Zoom in on art

With the Art Zoom project in Google Arts and Culture you can break a piece of art down to individual brushstrokes. You can also listen to some of the biggest names in music narrate some of the most famous artworks in the world in the Art Zoom series. 

9. Grab a lesson plan

Google Arts and Culture Project Learn has a ton, and we mean a TON, of awesome lesson plans and resources for the classroom. Check out lesson plans like Scientific Superpowers, History of Magic, Extreme Planet and more!

10. Try a crossword puzzle

Another one of Google's experiments, these crossword puzzles allow you to test your cultural knowledge or discover art through unexpected pairings.  

What are some of your favorite parts of Google Arts and culture? Please share them in the comments!

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