10 low-prep activities to kick off 2022

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Back to School | Thursday, January 6, 2022

10 low-prep activities to kick off 2022

10 low-prep activities to kick off 2022
10 low-prep activities to kick off 2022

When the calendar turns over a new year, for many of us, we're still in the middle of the school year.

So, when a new year starts in schools (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), two things happen:

1. It's an opportunity to look back, reflect, regroup, and set some goals.

2. It can also be a midpoint check and a time to course correct (or maintain what's working!).

Sure, we can jump right back into teaching and activities and classwork where we left off. Or we can take this natural reset point as checkpoint for the rest of the school year.

Oh, and let's do it in as little time as possible. Because we teachers are busy and have things to do. (Hey, we understand you!)

In this post, you'll find 10 activities and ideas to help your students make the most of the new calendar year, looking back and looking forward.

10 low-prep activities to kick off 2022

1. Start the year off with One Word.

This One Word HyperDoc, created by Sean Fahey, takes your students through the steps of reflecting on the past year, looking ahead and choosing one word for the upcoming year.

Tisha Richmond has created one word magic with Canva and she has even made some templates for you to use with your own class!

2. Share your one word on Flipgrid!

Spend a few minutes reflecting on goals, ambitions, dreams, hopes and/or aspirations for 2022. Use this  one word 2022 Flipgrid topic and have your students create a response and share your one word for the coming year.

Then, in 60 seconds or less, share why you chose that word and what it means for you as you step into the new year!

3. Share your hopes and dreams for the upcoming year.

Start the year off by having students share their hopes and dreams. This Hopes and Dreams HyperDoccreated by Rachel Marker and Karly Moura, is a great one to share at the beginning of the year then go back at the end of the year and read what you wrote!

4. Get creative with the Adobe Creative Cloud Express About Me challenge.

Challenge your students to remix this design from Claudio Zavala Jr. and share a little bit about themselves too. The words you choose are up to you.

Your students can share words that describe them or even goals for the upcoming year.

Try out other fun Adobe Creative Cloud Express challenges:

5. Try a Jamboard community building & goal setting activity

Check out this  activity from Esther Park:

1. 2021 in pictures (whole-class)
2. Hopes for 2022 in pictures (whole-class)
3. Assign each frame to individuals for an easy goal setting/new year's resolution

6. Welcome the new year with Google Slides!

Brigide Duncan has created a whole slide deck full of activities to welcome your students back to school and start the new year including:

  • Frayer a friend
  • Mood meter
  • Vision boards
  • and more!

Note: These activities were made last year so you will want to change 2021 to 2022.

7. Make a top 10 video of the past year.

Use the split screen to add space for text.

The Top 10 list is a video genre that can be transferred to the classroom! It's a great academic task. A Top 10 video is a fun way for students to show what they know in a way that's fun to watch! Check out How to make a Top 10 video on Flipgrid step-by-step instructions with tips and tricks.

8. Play snowball toss to build community.

This snowball toss game is another awesome idea from Esther Park:

  • Teams will have 1 min to fill in as many snowballs with their team color.
  • Team w/ the most snowballs wins! 

9. Break IN to the new year with a digital escape room.

Digital escape rooms are always fun but the first few weeks back are a great time to get your brain back in gear with some engaging productive struggle. This New Years escape room will do just that!

Find even more resources and activities on our Ditch That Textbook digital escape room page.

Answers (Click the 3 dots to expand)

4 Letter Word Lock: YEAR

Secret code message reads: "At midnight we yell happy new ____"

9  Letter Word Lock: FIREWORKS

Hidden image reveals a GIF of fireworks.

8 Letter Word Lock: MIDNIGHT

Cryptogram reads: "The time we celebrate the start of the new year."

2 Digit Number Lock: 23

Solvemoji puzzle final equation is 15 + 8 = 23.

9  Letter Word Lock: CELEBRATE

Complete the crossword puzzle. Solution reads Excellent! You did it! Your FINAL lock combination is CELEBRATE.

10. Take a survey on how you learn best.

Our students know themselves best but often have a difficult time sharing their preferences with us. Use this learner preferences template to help your students give you a clearer picture of how they do their best work.

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