20 useful ways to use Padlet in class now

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Ed Tech | Sunday, March 3, 2024

20 useful ways to use Padlet in class now

20 useful ways to use Padlet in class now

There’s a good chance you’ve done the “write on a sticky note and put it on the wall” activity — or have seen it happen before.

Padlet lets those sticky notes have images, links and videos AND be available with practically any Internet-ready device.

Padlet is a great place for gathering ideas, sharing them and modifying them later. It’s like a living, breathing webpage. Users can add links, YouTube videos, files and images to Padlet notes. They can move and arrange them. A link to a Padlet can be shared and Padlets can be embedded into webpages.

Padlet has recently released some very exciting new updates including AI integration, templates, translated templates, the ability to freeze responses and MORE. Check out these new updates, then scroll down to find  20 ways to use Padlet in class including a brand new template you can use with each idea.

Exciting Padlet updates

Padlet's latest release brings exciting updates to enhance your teaching experience with one of our favorite tools. These updates focused on streamlining workflows and saving time with features like the Template Gallery and Freeze Padlets. Explore some of our favorite updates below!

Padlet just released a powerful new AI-powered feature called Magic Padlet. This innovative tool allows you to generate content directly within Padlet, saving you lots of time and gives you a great start for your creations.

Here's a bit of what Magic Padlet can do:

  • Craft engaging lesson plans: Simply provide your subject, grade level, and any specific requirements, and Magic Padlet will generate a plan tailored to your needs.
  • Create interactive timelines and maps: Visualize historical events or geographical concepts with ease. Just tell Magic Padlet the topic and watch it populate a timeline or map padlet with relevant information.
  • Generate diverse learning resources: Need a reading list, brainstorming activity, or assessment? Magic Padlet can handle it all, providing a variety of engaging resources to support your students.

Learn more: Magic Padlet: Generate padlets with AI. Use Magic Padlet to generate classroom content curated to your subject, grade level, and specifications.

Get ready to upgrade your Padlet game with the all-new Template Gallery! This new feature streamlines your Padlet creations for the classroom planning by offering over 250 new templates plus ideas for using them and examples.

Here's how the Template Gallery will help you enhance your lessons:

  • Save valuable time: Ditch the blank canvas and jump-start your Padlet creations with a diverse range of templates designed for various classroom activities.
  • Find the perfect fit: Whether you need a brainstorming board, a research organizer, or an interactive presentation tool, the categorized gallery makes finding the ideal template a breeze.
  • Boost student engagement: Capture your students' attention with visually appealing and well-structured templates that enhance their learning experience.

Learn more: Template gallery: Browse over 250 templates in an organized, searchable gallery.

Padlet has a new feature that lets you freeze Padlets, making them a permanent record of your work.

Here's how it works:

  • Lock in your content: Once you're happy with your padlet, simply click the three dots menu and select "Freeze padlet" to prevent any further edits. This is perfect for capturing brainstorming sessions, collaborative projects, or completed assignments.
  • Maintain accessibility: Even when frozen, viewers can still access the padlet's content. This makes it a great way to showcase student work, share important resources, or keep track of class notes.
  • Unlock flexibility: If you ever need to make changes, you can easily unfreeze the padlet and resume editing.

Note: Freezing a Padlet disables any existing breakout links or submission request links.

Learn more: Freeze padlets: You can now freeze padlets to lock in their content forever.

All 254 templates are translated into all 42 languages supported by Padlet. This means every piece of text on every template, instruction note, and description, will be translated to the language you choose.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Multilingual access: Padlet now offers all 250+ templates translated into all of its 42 supported languages.
  • Seamless experience: AI-powered translations ensure that students can work with templates in their preferred language, minimizing confusion and maximizing understanding.
  • Enhanced inclusivity: With translated templates, you foster a more inclusive learning environment where every student feels valued and supported, regardless of their native language.

Learn more: Translated templates: All 254 templates are translated into all 42 languages supported by Padlet.

20 ways to use Padlet in class now

We have recently updated each idea to include a possible template to use along with the activity. To get the templates you'll need to be logged into Padlet. Then head over to the template gallery, from there you can scroll down to find the template or search the gallery to find the suggested template or another one that fits your class better.

1. Bell ringer activity

gray bell

Ask students what they remember from the previous day’s lesson. The ensuing page should summarize what still needs to be taught and should serve as a good place for students to review content.

Padlet Template: 3-2-1

Evaluate the success of your lesson by asking students what they learned, what they want to know more about, and what questions they still have.

2. Predicting activity

gray crystal ball

 As you proceed through new content with students, stop and let them predict what will happen next with notes on a Padlet. Later, refer to the Padlet to see how close students’ guesses were.

Padlet Template: Read and Respond

Assign a reading and give students the space to discuss their thoughts.

3. Collaborative notetaking

note pad with pencil

While listening to a presentation, students can work together to add notes to a Padlet to produce a resource they can refer to later. This also works with staff meetings!

Padlet Template: Research Notes

Compile, organize, and share key findings, resources, and insights from research activities. Good for both teachers and students.

4. Event planning


If you’re planning a class party or a field trip, all of the information can go on a Padlet, including photos of the destination, a list of who’s bringing what, links to pertinent websites and more.

Padlet Template: Event Planner

Post tasks that need to be completed, supplies that need to be acquired, and deadlines that need to be met. Work with collaborators to plan an event.

5. Living webquest

globe with magnifying glass

Webquests have been static webpages that included links to sites and questions. They often didn’t change. Students can create a living webquest where new links are added continually. You can create questions at the end of the activity to the links available at that time.

Padlet Template: Link List

A centralized hub of clickable links. Guide visitors to various sites, platforms, or resources.

6. Exit ticket

exit icon

What did you learn today? What didn’t make sense? What questions do you still have? Students can answer those questions on a Padlet and refer to it later.

Padlet Template: Exit Ticket

Let students reflect on the day's lesson, share what they've learned, and express any questions or areas of confusion.

7. QR code Padlet gallery

QR code icon

Students can create a Padlet with information/images/links on a certain topic. When done, they can print a QR code to it (use the “Share/Export” button on the right) and a related image and/or title. Place those QR codes around the room so students can see each other’s work.

Padlet Template: Personal Portfolio

Showcase your best work, projects, or accomplishments in a structured collection.

8. Ask for suggestions or ideas

light bulb

 Let students, parents or others share ideas for improving. Be careful, though — asking for suggestions like this can begin a flame war of negative messages. You can enable moderating (Settings > Privacy > Moderate posts) so you approve posts before they’re public.

Padlet Template: Suggestion Box

Students offer insights or recommend improvements.

9. Class document hub

Website icon

Upload important class files to a Padlet so students can go there to download them any time.

Padlet Template: File Manager

Post, organize, store essential documents, resources, and links. Share the board or keep it for your own use.

10. Whiteboard answers

whiteboard icon

For a more personal and engaging touch to answering questions, students can write answers to questions or ideas on a small whiteboard. Then, using a camera on their devices, they can snap a picture of themselves holding the whiteboard (or sheet of paper) and post it to a Padlet.

Padlet Template: Photo Gallery

Collect and share your favorite memories with a beautiful collaborative photo gallery.

11. Field trip documentation


Going on a trip? Add pictures of it to a wall using the camera on your device — or on student devices. If you have access to wi-fi or cellular data, upload those photos on the fly. Give parents the link before leaving and they’ll be able to see updates instantly during the day!

Padlet Template: Virtual Field Trip

Explore distant locations and allow students to immerse themselves without leaving their seats.

12. Poster presentations

poster icon

Replace poster boards with Padlet. Have students add images, information and links. Then embed them in a class website.

Padlet Template: Poster Presentations

Students display and view posters on one digital board. Students can comment and admire other work

13. Research resource gathering

research icon

Students (or groups) can create their own individual Padlets to hold ideas, sources, etc. for research. That way, they won’t lose important papers and everyone will have access if someone’s absent!

Padlet Template: Resource Board

Store and share documents, videos, files, songs, or anything else important for you.

14. Class/club updates

sports equipment

Create a message board for your class or club with a Padlet to announce changes, post photos or deliver important information. Take it to the next level and have updates sent via email or text using this trick.

Padlet Template: Announcements

Post vital class updates, upcoming events, and important dates. Keep students and parents informed and engaged with class happenings.

15. Collect videos to share in class

video icon

 Gather all the YouTube videos you want to show your class in one place. Those videos are clickable and viewable from the Padlet. Then, post a link to the Padlet on a class website (or just provide the link) so absent students can watch to catch up.

Padlet Template: Video Playlist

Create and share videos in an ordered playlist.

16. Sub lesson plans

clipboard icon

Need to miss a day of school? Create links, add photos and post videos to leave for your substitute teacher to provide students. Include a video of you giving directions so there’s no miscommunication!

Padlet Template: Substitute Teacher Guide

Prepare a comprehensive guide for your substitute. Outline daily routines, key policies, and essential contacts.

17. Interactive storytelling

story icon

Create a story and ask students where it should go next. Students can type their ideas into the Padlet. Take student ideas and continue story.

Padlet Template: Collaborative Storytelling

Each new contributor posts the next part of a collaborative story.

18. Image tagging

images icon

Have students upload a picture as a background. They can post notes on that message to highlight and explain certain parts of the image.

Padlet Template: Canvas

A freeform surface where posts can be created, connected, dragged, and dropped with no restrictions.

19. Introductions

two people talking icon

Students can create an introductory Padlet at the beginning of the school year showing things about themselves. They could revisit it at the end of the year to see if it’s changed.

Padlet Template: About Us

A digital introduction space. Students and teachers post a photo and answer icebreaker questions.

20. Gather responses globally

globe icon

 Create a Padlet with a question and post it on Twitter, a blog or other social media. (A hashtag like #comments4kids could help more people see it and respond.) See where in the world responses come from!

Padlet Template: Where I'm From

Share where you're from on an interactive map.

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Do you have an idea of how you could use Padlet in class? Post it in a comment below!

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    I am looking into incorporating a Genius Hour. Padlet would be a great place for each student to keep their notes, articles, questions, pictures, etc….

    I also have students upload their slide shows to a padlet so that we can access them quickly as they present them individually to the class.

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  • I published a blog post a few weeks ago on Padlet too! It is my favorite classroom tool. I get students to create projects (ebooks, videos, choose-your-own-adventures, animations, posters etc) and put them on Padlet. I get them all to do a slightly different topic (eg different countries in Eastern Europe) and then I ask them to look at each of their classmates and grade them using a rubric I supply. I then add all the scores each student receives and determine a class winner. Prize is usually chocolate and extra credit.
    I love that Padlet allows the students to easily see each other’s creations. And by viewing them they are learning from each other – and not just from me.

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  • […] 20 useful ways to use Padlet in class now […]

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  • Kasey Bell says:

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