10 TikTok tips for teachers

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Ed Tech | Wednesday, February 17, 2021

10 TikTok tips for teachers

10 TikTok tips for teachers
10 TikTok tips for teachers

It probably seems like everyone you know is on TikTok sharing the latest viral video or dance craze.  And if you are a parent of a teenager or a teacher of middle or high school then you definitely know all about it!

As an educator, you can use it for MORE than just dances and lip syncs! Educators there are sharing teaching ideas, tips, tools, and more that can help you get ready for class tomorrow.

In this post, you'll find LOTS of ideas in these TikTok tips for teachers. Share your best tips in a comment below!

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a free social video sharing app. Its users to watch, create and share short videos on any topic with users around the world.  As you watch and engage with content, TikTok learns what you like and personalizes your feed. 

Using TikTok as an educator

More and more teachers are finding their way to TikTok to watch, create and share tips, tricks, ideas and resources with their professional learning community. That includes ...

  • How to organize your Google Classroom
  • Ideas for learning activities that WORK
  • New tech tools to try
  • Templates you can copy and use

You can even find Ditch That Textbook on TikTok! Check out one of our most popular videos.

How to create a TikTok account:

  1. Download the TikTok app from the App Store or Google Play

  2. Open the app.

  3. Go to Me

  4.  Select your preferred sign in method.

  5. Set up your profile

Once you're set up, these tips will make your TikTok account more tailored to your needs.

10 TikTok tips for teachers

hashtag icon

1. Follow the hashtags.

Start searching a popular teacher hashtag like #teachersoftiktok or #tiktokteachers to see what people are posting.

algorithm icon

2. Use TikTok's algorithm to your advantage. 

Search for the things you want to see and LIKE those posts you love. TikTok will start to provide you with the content you want to see.

joy icon

3. Find accounts that bring you joy. 

You don't have to follow every teacher account out there. Follow those that spark joy in your personal or professional life and keep scrolling though the rest.

share icon

4. Re-share great stuff!

Share the great posts you with your personal learning network. Don't assume everyone has already seen that viral video or that epic teacher hack. If you loved it they might love it too! 

social media icon

5. Cross post on other social media channels. 

Your colleagues might not be on TikTok... yet! Share those videos on Instagram or Twitter or Pinterest. Curate a bunch of great videos in a Wakelet and invite others to share too.

record video icon

6. Create your own content. 

You don't need to come up with the latest TikTok dance craze to post your own stuff on TikTok! You have great stuff to share too. Don't be afraid to post that awesome lesson you taught, or tips for making something work.

time limit icon

7. Limit your time TikTok time. 

Like any social media app you can find yourself losing a lot of precious time falling down the rabbit hole of TikTok. Set some limits for yourself or make use of those wellness tools that shut down your social media apps when you reach a certain time limit.

privacy settings icon

8. Be aware of your privacy settings. 

If your account is set to public anyone, yes ANYONE, can see it on or OFF TikTok. That means your friends, family, coworkers, admin, students, parents, future employers etc. So be sure to be aware of your profile settings and be mindful of what you share.

Check out Choosing between a private or public account for more info.

comment icon

9.  Interact with others.

When someone posts something that resonates, tell them! When it leaves you with a question, ask it. When you have something to add to the conversation, add it. Everyone benefits.

social media feed icon

10.  Use both feeds.

TikTok has two feeds: the "Following" feed with only content from people you follow, and the "For You" feed where TikTok suggests videos you might like. Spend time in "Following" when you're looking for your core primary content. Spend time in the "For You" feed if you want to find new content and new people to follow.

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