20 back to school templates to save you time


Templates | Sunday, July 23, 2023

20 back to school templates to save you time

Back to school is an exciting time. It can also be overwhelming. Teachers have a LOT to plan: lessons, communication, organization, building community ... and that just scratches the surface!

That's where templates come in.

Templates can save us time. They give us a starting point so we can adapt them to fit our needs. Below you will find 20 useful templates for back to school. 

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20 back to school templates to save you time

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Back to school posters and presentation templates

Introduce yourself to your students in style with this Meet the Teacher template from Kami. These templates from the Kami template library are ready to be customized by you. Why not leave a little about yourself, like your hobbies, favorite color, or even pronouns. Plus, add a picture or some contact details for parents.

2. All about the teacher

Canva has a ton of amazing back to school templates for you to edit and use with your class. There are several versions of this All about teacher Pat template so you can choose which works best for your style and grade level.

3. Beginning of the year procedures presentation

A PowerPoint template to introduce your students to classroom procedures.

This is an accessible template. Learn what makes a template accessible here.

4. Class rules and requirements

This customizable template from Canva allows you to share your class requirements in a fun and engaging way. There are alternate options to choose from in Canva so that you can find one that fits your style.

5. Welcome back to school posters

Looking for digital posters to brighten up your class website? Or maybe you want to print a poster and hang it up inside or outside your classroom? Canva has tons of great options for your back to school posters! Visit their template gallery to view all of the options available. 

Back to school planning and organization templates

6. Ditch that Textbook lesson planning templates + icons and abbreviations

Lesson planning templates

Sometimes simplicity is best. These semester and yearly planning templates along with some easy to implement icons and abbreviations will make your lesson planning easier. These templates are part of the Ditch That Textbook lesson plan book, a planner with a flexible design and TONS of resources.

Google Docs templates

Google Docs has a growing gallery of templates available in a variety of topics including education. There are currently three different lesson plan templates available and more options seem to be added all of the time. To access these templates go to docs.google.com or click on the "Get the templates" button below and scroll down to the bottom to find all of their education templates.

7. Reading Rainbow lesson plan template

A basic, yet visually appealing, lesson plan template with Reading Rainbow tips included inside.

8. Simple lesson plan template

A no frills lesson plan template you can fill in with your overview & purpose, standards, objectives, materials, verification and activity description.

9. Playful lesson plan template

A simple lesson plan design with a place for your overview & purpose, education standards and objectives.

10. Google Slides lesson plan template

Just like Docs, Slides also has its own template gallery.  This simple lesson plan template has a place for your audience, objective, materials, procedure, activity description and homework. You can access this and all of the available Google Slides templates by going to slides.google.com and clicking on the "Template gallery".

Google Sheets logo

11. Google Sheets calendar templates

Spreadsheets are the perfect tool for long term planning and Spreadsheet class has created some useful calendar templates for you to copy and use for your needs.

Microsoft Word templates

Did you know that Microsoft has a gallery of templates too? They have an entire collection of back to school templates to help you with your planning and organizing. Check out some of these helpful templates.

12. Daily Lesson Planner (Word)

A customizable, modern lesson planning template for teachers.

13. Course Syllabus (Word)

A traditional syllabus template for teachers to use to share important class information with their students. 

This is an accessible template. Learn what makes a template accessible here.

14. Academic Calendar (Word)

This academic calendar can be easily updated for any month and any year. It has room for notes plus the previous and next month for easy planning.

How to convert Microsoft files to Google files.

1. Download the PowerPoint, Word or Excel file to your computer by clicking the download button or if the file is opened in preview mode go to "file" then "save as"  to save a copy to your computer.

2. Go to Google Drive and click on "New" then select "File upload".

3. Select the file you downloaded from your computer and click "open".

You may be prompted to check if you want this file converted to Google Docs editor format. See settings note below.

Note: To make converting files easier, make sure your Google Drive settings are configured so that the box next to "Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format is checked.

15. Google Keep headers

Google Keep can really help you stay organized and on top of your busy teacher life.  These customizable Google Keep headers can help you organize your life within Google Keep. Now you can be extra-organized. 

Back to school family communication templates

16. Class Website Template

Google Sites has a template gallery with some easy to customize sites you can use with your class. Go to siteScroll down to the bottom of the template gallery for their education templates. There you will find a few options including a class website which you can use as a hub for family communication.

Check out 20 Google Sites tips and tricks for more sites ideas.

17. Elementary school newsletter template (Word)

A school newsletter template in word with designed for Elementary level schools or parent communication groups but can easily be customized for any level.

18. Jamboard Newsletter template

Create a newsletter for your club, team, class or staff with Jamboard. Have each page on a different frame or each issue on a different frame in the same Jam.

19. Google Slides newsletter template

This newspaper template from Slides Mania offers you a fun way to get your class news out to your classroom community. Customize it and embed it on your website or print it out and send it home.

20. Google Classroom intro for families

This Google Classroom introduction template offers an easy way to share important log in procedures and logistical information with you students' families. 

Don't use Google Classroom? Customize it to fit your LMS.

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